Graduate School Review

Once a Program Coordinator has filled out a Program Recommendation Review Form in the Pending Program Recommendation Bin, they send it to the GS Router Bin (GradSchool Review column), which runs Rules to move it along to the appropriate Bin for GS Review:

  • If the applicant has checked that he/she is applying to a Double Dawgs program (and completed the supplemental Double Dawgs Application page), the Application is routed to the Double Dawgs – Director Review Bin.
  • If the applicant has answered Y to either the question about academic misconduct or the question about criminal record, the Application is routed to the Conduct – Director Review Bin.
  • All other Applications are routed to either the GS Domestic or GS International Screening Bins.

Double Dawgs Review

For Double Dawgs applicants, the Admissions Director reviews the information submitted on the Double Dawgs Application page (in the Application tab of the Reader) and fills out the Double Dawgs Review Form (selecting one of the following:  Approved; Hold for follow-up; Doesn’t qualify for Double Dawg program; see below) and sends the Application to the appropriate Bin. If Approved or Doesn’t qualify for Double Dawgs program, it moves to the appropriate GS Screening Bin (with a comment for the latter), if Hold for follow-up, it is left in the Double Dawgs Bin. If the response is Doesn’t qualify …, a Rule will run to change the response on the Additional Information / Prior UGA Enrollment section, “If you are currently enrolled at UGA, what is the purpose of this application” to blank (null). If the response is Hold for follow-up, it should be left in the same Bin; when the Admissions Director comes back to it, the first recommendation will be in the Application on the GS Review tab.

Conduct Review

Applications that make it to the Conduct – Director Review Bin have statements uploaded by the applicant in the Application tab of the Reader (and displayed on the Conduct Review Form). The Director reviews these statements to make a decision of whether to continue review or not. The Conduct Review Form is filled out (selecting one of the following:  Approved without additional documentation; Approved with additional documentation; Approved with dean consultation; Denied with dean consultation; see below) and the Application is sent to the appropriate Bin. Any additional documentation is collected offline, then attached to the applicant dashboard as Material type = ADM Court Docs. If any of the Approved … choices are selected, the Application is sent to the appropriate GS Screening Bin. If Denied … is chosen, the Application is sent to the Deny Bin.

GS Counselor Review

The bulk of the Application review is performed by the GS Counselors in the GS Screening Bins (both Domestic and International):

  • The Counselor makes sure that the Citizenship on the Reader Application dashboard is correct for the Bin; if not, the Counselor should send the Application to the other GS Screening Bin. Currently this must be done in the applicant dashboard using the Workflows screen. Click the applicant’s name at the top of the Reader application detail page, choose Lookup, click the Workflows link in the right margin, click Edit in Default Workflow, choose the other GS Screening Bin from the Bin dropdown and click Save.
  • The Counselor should review the Program Recommendation in the Program recommendation tab. If this form says that the Application is not for the correct Term (and/or Program), then follow the procedure for Admission Deferrals or Program Changes.
  • Note any test score exemption from the Program Recommendation form. This must be recorded on the Counselor Review Form under Entrance Exam and/or English Proficiency. Any waived exam score must also be reflected in the Checklist on the applicant dashboard. The counselor should mark the exam waived on the applicant Checklist.
  • The Counselor fills in the outcome of their review of English proficiency (Does not meet requirement; Meets requirement; Must retake exam with acceptable score; Not required; Waived by departmental request; Waived by Graduate School). If the selection is “Does not meet …” or “Must retake exam …”, then the Application should be sent to the Deficiencies – Director Review Bin.
  • The Counselor fills in the outcome of their review of Entrance exam (Does not meet requirement; Meets exam requirement; No exam required; Provisional – flag for exam; Waived by departmental request; Waived by Graduate School). If the selection is “Does not meet …”, then the Application should be sent to the Deficiencies – Director Review Bin. If the selection “Provisional – flag for exam” is chosen, the Counselor must manually generate a registration hold on the Banner record.
  • The Counselor should use the UGAID on the Reader application dashboard to assign Banner Decision Code = 10 in Banner.
  • On the Counselor Review Form, the Counselor reviews transcripts and chooses the appropriate undergraduate degree-granting School, Degree, Date, and records the validated GPA. If the applicant has a graduate degree, then the same is done for graduate degree and GPA.
  • If the applicant is a pending UGA graduate, the Counselor chooses which document to flag for required material: Conferral of UGA Bachelor Degree, Conferral of UGA Graduate Degree, Conferral of UGA Professional Degree. The requirement for Conferral of X Degree is automatically added to the applicant’s Checklist upon submission of the Counselor Review form. This field is then queried in the Post-Decision workflow to generate an enrollment hold.
  • If the applicant has educational history in an international institution, the Counselor, based on a review of the citizenship and existing transcripts, can choose one or more documents to require: Degree Certificate in Original Language, Degree Certificate in English, Final Transcript in Original Language, Final Transcript in English. A Rule places these on the applicant Checklist.
  • The applicant can claim Georgia Residency on the Application and their response is shown read-only on the Counselor Review Form. The Counselor should look in Banner to determine the Banner Residency decision and manually select one of the following: Georgia Resident; International Student; Non Georgia Resident. If the claimed and Banner-computed residencies are in conflict, review the Residency information on the Application. If you confirm that the Banner-computed residency is in error, change it in Banner and on the Review Form. If the conflict is real, a Rule uses this discrepancy to place these Applications into a Display Residency Upload Population. Applications in this Population then see a conditional logic box on their Status portal that states that the residency information previously submitted is insufficient to classify them as a Georgia Resident. It directs them to the Residency Petition form.
  • Before sending to a Bin, the Counselor should add comments, especially if there are unusual circumstances to this Application
  • IF the Counselor determines that either or both GPAs and test scores are poor enough, or the Entrance Exam or English Proficiency is unacceptable, the Application should be sent to the Deficiencies – Director Review Bin. In this instance, the Counselor should make it explicit in the Comments box what their concern is.
  • For International Applications, the Counselor may need to follow up with the applicant; in those cases, the Application may be moved to the GS International Hold Bin.
  • If there are no major concerns with the Application, then it can be sent directly to the Admit Bin. For each of these applicants, use the UGAID to change the Banner Decision Code to 01 (Offer of Admission) manually.

Deficiencies – Director Review

The Admissions Director will conduct this review for all Applications that make it to this Bin. After a review of the Application and the Counselor input, the Admissions Director may make an immediate decision. The Deficiencies Review Form allows choices of (among others):  Approved without additional documentation or Special refusal (see below). If one of these is chosen, then the Application is sent to the Admit or Deny Bin, respectively.

If the Admissions Director chooses to ask for a letter of justification (from the Graduate Coordinator of the program), this is handled offline (manually) through email. A received letter should be uploaded on the Application tab of the applicant dashboard (can get there directly from the Reader) as Material type = ADM Dept Ltr of Justification. The Admissions Director then decides whether the letter justifies admission or not and chooses Approved with letter of justification or Special refusal, respectively, and sends the Application to the Admit or Deny Bin, respectively.

After some time, the Admissions Director may choose to stop waiting for a letter, choose Special refusal, and move to Deny Bin.

In all cases, the Admissions Director can add a comment about the decision on the Review Form.


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