The Inquiry status is given to those who have demonstrated an interest in graduate education at UGA, for example, by completing an inquiry form (Request for Information), attending a recruitment event, or meeting with a faculty or staff member to discuss an interest in applying. Once an Inquiry has expressed an interest in a particular Program, Users with the Recruiter Role in that Program have access to their Person Record and the data within.

Recruiters can find prospective students that have expressed an interest in their Programs by using the Prospective Students for Future Terms by Populations query in the Inquiries/Recruiting section of the Programs tab on the GradSlate home page.

Clicking on this link, then clicking on the Run Query button on the resulting page, generates a list of all Inquiries that have expressed an interest in your Population.

Click on any record to see the details about that Person (use the Lookup Record link on the popup panel that appears).

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