Program Recommendations

Each graduate program will also decide the criteria and responsibility for moving an Application to the Program Recommendation Pending Bin, which is where the Program Coordinator has the ability and authority to complete and submit the Program Recommendation form (below). This form is accessed the same way by moving the Application to your Queue, then choosing Review Form / Send to Bin.

The choices for Recommendation are:  Recommend denial, Recommend provisional admission, Recommend regular admission, Hold for now, Pending review. The last two selections apply to Applications that are being moved to Program Hold or back to a Program Reading Bin, respectively. Use ‘Recommend provisional admission’ to alert the Graduate School that required materials have not yet been received, but once they are, you are recommending admission.

Choosing either Recommend provisional admission or Recommend regular admission opens more questions on the form. Checking No, Yes (as above) provides textboxes for explanation.

The Program Coordinator must also decide to which Bin to move the Application:  most often, this will be to the GS Router Bin, but if the decision is to delay a final recommendation, the Application can be moved to the Program Hold Bin. In some cases, the Program Coordinator may wish to send the application (back) through the review, so any of the Program Reading Bins are also available as Next Bin.

Choosing the GS Router Bin as the destination Bin acts as the final step of program review of the Application. By the end of an application cycle, all Applications within the Program Review column of Bins should have received a Program Recommendation and been moved to the GS Router Bin.

NOTE:  If the Application has a Yes answer to the questions about academic misconduct or criminal behavior, a form titled Confirm Conduct Review will also appear; the Program Coordinator must Confirm that they have reviewed the statements from the Application about these questions.


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