Program Roles and Populations

As a program administrator, your access to Applications in the Reader is determined by your Role, which has been set by your graduate program. The Program Coordinator has control of these Roles and the Users assigned to them.


Program Reader


Permission to view and read Applications and Materials


Program Reviewer


Program Reader permissions + permission to submit Program Reviewer Evaluation form for Applications and permission to move Applications along the workflow


Program Coordinator


Program Reviewer permissions + authority to submit Program Recommendation for Applications to the Graduate School + authority to assign Program-specific Roles to Populations to which they have access

The set of Applications that you can access are determined by the Populations within which your Role applies. Most often, a Population consists of all Applications to a given graduate Program, but there are Populations that contain Applications limited to specific Areas of Emphasis (concentrations, subplans) within a given graduate Program. You will not be able to access any Applications outside your assigned Populations. You may have (different) Roles within multiple Populations.

Program Coordinators can review which Users have Roles in their Populations by running a query. On the Slate homepage (below), under the Programs tab, in the Users/Roles section, click the link Users by Role in Populations. On the page that appears, click the Run Query button. This will list all Users with any Role in any Population for which you have the Program Coordinator Role. You can Export this list if desired.

To request access for new Users, read the FAQ on Request Access.

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