GradSlate enables graduate programs and the Graduate School to store, track, and assess information on prospective applicants for recruitment purposes. Slate uses the recruitment funnel model of an inverted pyramid. The top and most expansive layer of the pyramid contains Person Records of Prospects, representing students who have not yet shown an interest in UGA specifically. These Person Records are created by importing lists of students from an external source. For example, the Graduate School receives a list of participants in the national McNair Scholars Program from the Council of Graduate Schools. This list is imported to Slate, creating Person Records of these Prospects. Graduate programs can review the Person Records under this Status to be proactive about recruiting by sending these students automated emails with a focus on encouraging students to fill out an Inquiry Form and thereby progress downward through the funnel.

In some cases, these Prospects express an interest in a particular graduate Program. This places them into Populations that are made available to Program Roles within Slate (e.g., Program Coordinator).

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