Reading and Reviewing Applications

Users with the Role of Program Reader can view Applications (in their Populations) within the Program Reading Bins (A, B, C) and the Program Hold Bin. They do not have the capability to submit a review nor can they move Applications to another Bin. Program Reviewers, on the other hand, can submit reviews and move Applications to selected other Bins. This is done using Queues, which are available only to Program Reviewer or Program Coordinator Roles.

To read or review an Application, click on the Bin to see the list of Applications in the Bin:

If the list is long and you need to find a specific applicant, you can use the Search tool and/or the Filter in the right margin. To view one of these Applications, click the icon on the right end of the application row. This opens the Application view in the Reader (below). To get back to this summary view, just click on the word ‘slate’ in the top left corner.

The first page of an Application is a Dashboard that summarizes some key information. The tabs in the left margin allow you to get to other details. Clicking on the Application tab displays an auto-PDF of the application pages.

Use the left and right cursor keys to browse through all parts of the Application and submitted Materials. You can skip to a particular portion of the Application portfolio using the tabs in the left margin. Green highlighting indicates new material that has been added since the last time you viewed this Application.

While viewing any part of an application, clicking on the applicant’s name (top bar) toggles the appearance of a panel of details and other links that may be of use. In particular, there is a link on this panel Download PDF that can be used to save a PDF of the Application, which can then be printed if necessary.


Clicking on Lookup Application will take you directly to the applicant dashboard for the Person Record of this applicant and open the Application tab on their dashboard. Here you can find a lot more detail about this Application summarized. There is also a link on the right to Download PDF. Using this link allows you to customize the PDF by including or excluding sections of the Application auto-PDF. Under Insert Part, choose the parts you want included or choose Insert All, then delete the parts you don’t want.

Once the Program review has been completed, the Application is no longer available in the Program Reader Bins. Program Coordinators can still get to this applicant dashboard by entering the name of the applicant in the Search box in the top left of the Slate menu (outside the Reader). There is more detail about tracking Applications post-Program review in the Application Tracking section of this KnowledgeBase.


Only the Program Coordinator has access to the Program Pre-Screening Bin; to move Applications into the main review (Program Reading A Bin), click on the Program Pre-Screening Bin to see a list of Applications (as above). Click on the icon on the right end of an application row to view the Application and use the Add to Queue button (bottom left) and confirm to place the application in your Queue.

Click on Review Form / Send to Bin (bottom right), which opens a panel on the right side of the screen that allows you to Send to Bin. Make sure the Next Bin is set to Program Reading A and click Send.

You can use Remove from Queue (bottom left) to take this Application out of your Queue.


(These instructions assume that program application review occurs online within the Slate system. Some Programs may instead choose to export Applications and conduct the review offline. In that event, the Program Coordinator has the ability to move an Application from the Program Pre-Screening Bin directly to the Program Recommendation Pending Bin, skipping all Reading Bins. This move requires completing a form to justify skipping the review; this justification becomes part of the Application as it moves into Graduate School review.)

Once an Application has been moved to Program Reading Bin A (or another Program Reading Bin), it is available to those with Roles of Program Reader or Program Reviewer.

If you have the Role of Program Reviewer (or Program Coordinator) for this Application, and you are ready to submit an evaluation and/or move the Application along in the workflow, click Add to Queue (bottom left) and confirm. Do not leave Applications in your Queue too long as it will keep others from adding the Application to their own Queue for review. (It will not keep others from viewing the Application.) You can always view which Applications are in your Queue by using the Queue option in the left menu.

Once the Application is in your Queue, click Review Form / Send to Bin (bottom right), which will open a new panel on the right side of the Reader (see left image below).


(The choices for Recommendation are:  Admit, Deny, Not Sure.)

It is up to your graduate program to choose whether to use the Program Reviewer Evaluation form. To fill out this form, check the checkbox at the top of the right panel to open the form (see right image above). Any number of Program Reviewers can fill out this form and these responses will become part of the Application view that all Roles can see. Whether or not this form is opened, the Program Reviewer must choose a destination Bin (could be the current Bin) and click Send. If, after placing an Application in your Queue, you choose not to review, click Remove from Queue (bottom left of Application view screen) to make it available to others.

The Program Reviewer has a choice of leaving the application in the same Bin, moving it to another Program Reading Bin (B, C) or moving it to the Program Recommendation Pending Bin.

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