Resources for Graduate Recruiters

Using Prospects and Inquiries to Slate

Graduate recruiters are now able to upload the contact information of prospective applicants to their graduate program (Prospects and Inquiries), enabling this information to be stored in one place. All data to be uploaded in GradSlate must first be “cleaned,” meaning that the data must be in a specific format. Please use these resources to learn how to clean your data from recruitment events and programs. The Uploads Template for Import is the required template and format for clean data. Once data are formatted and clean, graduate recruiters can email Narke Norton at to submit their data files.

Hosting Events through Slate

The Office of Recruitment & Diversity Initiatives (RDI) will assist Graduate Coordinators by creating events through GradSlate. Graduate Recruiters are now able to host events for Inquiries and Admitted Applicants. Common events routinely created by programs include information sessions, visitation days, open houses, department tours and more. All participants are entered automatically into GradSlate upon registration, engaging new students into our system and updating current information for students who were previously engaged through GradSlate.

After reviewing the Creating Events in GradSlate Template (attach pdf in bold words please), Graduate recruiters can submit a Creating Events in GradSlate Request Form for their program. Once your GradSlate event is built by RDI staff, access and ownership will be transferred to the Graduate Recruiter with a GradSlate account.

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