Application Status, Bins, and Workflow

Graduate applications move through the Reader workflow by occupying successive Bins. A given Application can occupy only one Bin at a time and moving to a later Bin constitutes a step in the review workflow. Bin movement can be controlled by a change in Application Status or it can be manually controlled by Program Reviewers or Program Coordinators.

Applications that have been started but not yet submitted have a Status of Awaiting Submission. Once they are submitted, their Status changes to Awaiting Payment and when the application fee is received, they enter the Status of Awaiting Materials. At this stage, Program Coordinators can see them in the Awaiting Materials Bin (under Pre-Review; see below). Once their checklist is satisfied (all required materials have been received), the Application will move to a Status of Awaiting Decision and will automatically move to the Program Pre-Screening Bin (under Program Review). Program Coordinators have the capability to move Applications manually to Program Pre-Screening before this change in Status so that a review can occur prior to receipt of all materials. To see your Bins, click on Browse in the left menu. This is the Bin structure that a Program Coordinator will see:

The numbers that appear in the lower right corner of each Bin are the number of Applications that are currently in that Bin.

Each Program will decide what pre-screening is needed by the Program Coordinator prior to moving Applications on to the main portion of the program review. This review occurs within one or more of the Program Reading Bins (A, B, C). Each Program will decide how to use the three Reading Bins:  some may use only one, others may review in stages, others may split up Applications for assignment to different reviewers. All Roles can see the Applications in these Bins and in the Program Hold Bin. For example, Users with Roles of Program Reviewer or Program Reader will have a different view of Bin structure:

The Program Hold Bin can be used to store Applications that do not warrant an immediate recommendation.

Ultimately, when the review is complete (as defined by the Program), the Application should be moved to the Program Recommendation Pending Bin. This Bin is only accessible to Program Coordinators, who will then make a recommendation and move the Application to the GS Router Bin (not visible to the Program Roles), which initiates Graduate School review. If no immediate recommendation will be made, the Application can be moved to the Program Hold Bin.

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