How the Office of Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives (RDI) Uses Slate

The Office of Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives (RDI) employs GradSlate* in four distinct ways, not all of which have yet been built:

  • to collect information on Prospects and Inquiries
  • to send automated strategic recruitment communications
  • to coordinate the administrative aspects of recruitment events and presentations
  • to assess recruitment efforts

Graduate programs are encouraged to approach recruitment proactively and the RDI staff are here to assist you.

Overview of Recruitment

The process of recruiting new students to graduate education is traditionally visualized as an inverted pyramid. The top layer (Prospects) represents those who have not yet shown an interest in graduate education at UGA and contains the largest number of people. The funnel then narrows (i.e., the number of people decreases) downward toward the ultimate goal of enrollment.


GradSlate uses the term Person Status to denote each of these sequential layers (or statuses) and enables graduate programs (and the Graduate School) to store, track, and assess recruitment efforts.

*To distinguish the Graduate School’s instance of Slate from the platform used by Undergraduate Admission, we use the term “GradSlate.”

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