Malissa Alinor Anya Bonanno Ryan Yu-Lin Liou Tes Reilly

Malissa Alinor


“Receiving the Dean’s Award has been fundamental in allowing me to collect data for my dissertation.”

Anya Bonanno


“The Dean’s Award has filled funding gaps that cover essential expenses of my dissertation research in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The award enables me to pursue independent language training in an African language that is not widely taught in the U.S. Funds will also cover the costs of interview transcription and translation for interviews conducted in additional languages. With the support of the Dean’s Award, I am able to make progress in my degree program and ensure that I can effectively communicate and conduct research cross-culturally.”

Ryan Liou

International Affairs

“The Dean’s Award is critical for my dissertation projects on economic statecraft and political violence. It is fantastic to conduct survey experiments, which would not be feasible without the funding. “

Tes Reilly


“The recognition that my research can contribute something meaningful to our community is both gratifying and inspiring. It says something about who we are and what we want to achieve, and it is an honor to be selected.”

Tatiana Villarreal-Otalora Qian Zhang Jamie Lynn Byram

Tatiana Villarreal-Otalora

Social Work

“The funding has allowed me to engage dissertation research that is ethical and provides underrepresented research participants with compensation for their time. It has also helped me access computer assisted programs to enhance the quality of my data analysis thus dissertation findings.”

Qian Zhang

Educational Psychology

“I am a 4th year doctoral student from the department of educational psychology. I applied for this award to help conduct pilot studies of my dissertation research. This funding has been supporting me to collect and analyze data, which facilitated the progress of my doctoral study and dissertation research.”

Jamie Lynn Byram

Financial Planning, Housing, & Consumer Economics

“As a first-generation college student, funding from The Graduate School has been the lifeline of my graduate-school career. Because I paid for school without using loans, receiving awards and scholarships allowed me to fulfill my dream of becoming a college professor. I am so thankful to Dean Fox and Dr. Sheri Worthy for their generous support.”

Jordan Dopp



James Filler


Sidonia Serafini


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