Samuel Hartness Vaishnavi Thesma Anna Perry Denali Pray

Samuel Hartness


Vaishnavi Thesma

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Anna Perry

Agricultural and Applied Economics

Denali Pray


“Funding from the GAIN Master has given me financial stability and the ability to focus on my research in the middle of a pandemic.” “The GAIN Master’s Fellow assistantship has given me the opportunity to further study robotics to apply towards agricultural environments where manual labor is still intensive and a rapidly growing population must be sustained. I am honored and excited to have received this award from the UGA graduate school, as it is allowing me to have a positive impact in an industry that we all rely on.” “I am beyond grateful for the funding opportunity UGA has provided me. For the first time, I feel a strong sense of being and obligation toward an institution. I look forward to advancing common goals alongside brilliant and caring faculty and peers. UGA has quickly become home for me, and this opportunity allows me to devise ways I can give back to the community on a much quicker timetable. Thank you!” “Never could I have imagined being able to study my passion without the stress of supporting myself financially. The funding I was fortunate enough to receive through the Graduate School has allowed me to attend the program I am in today—a program that gives me the skills to succeed in my dream career.”

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