Robyn Accetta Coleman Allums Danielle Bradke Sha'Mira Covington

Robyn Accetta

Theatre and Film Studies

“This funding has enabled me to attend workshops to further my research and help me obtain discipline specific certifications.”

Coleman Allums


“The fellowship I have received allows me to travel more easily in service of data collection for my dissertation project and to present my research at professional meetings in other parts of the country.”

Danielle Bradke

Forestry and Natural Resources

“This funding has been important to my graduate education at UGA because it is supporting me in the continuation of my PhD research and program of study. “

Sha’Mira Covington

Polymer, Fiber, and Textile Sciences

“As a first-generation college student, I have worked while obtaining my bachelor’s and master’s degrees to put myself through school. This funding has allowed me to be more selective in how I spend my free time and maximize my graduate education experience at UGA by allowing me to focus on research and service.”

Damla Dag Sama Ghalei Katherine Gower Isys Hennigar

Damla Dag

Food Science and Technology

“Being honored as a recipient for the Graduate Education Advancement Board Fellowship motivates me further to achieve my educational and career goals. I look forward to being able to give back to the community as I progress in my career. Thank you for your generous support!”

Sama Ghalei

Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering

“I am honored to be a recipient of the GEAB Fellowship. Being awarded with this fellowship has reassured my determination in my research and encouraged me to aspire higher goals in my education.”

Katherine Gower

Social Work

“It has considerably lightened my financial burden, allowing me to better focus on my dissertation and research pursuits.”

Isys Hennigar


“This funding has allowed me to begin preparing for an upcoming exhibition and to experiment with new materials in my work.”

Pablor David Jimenez Castro Biyao Liang Tairan Qiu

Pablo Jimenez Castro

Infectious Diseases

“This funding has enabled me to focus on my graduate dissertation, as well as take part on further professional development, so I can be as competitive as possible when I re-enter the job market.”

Biyao Liang

Math and Science Education

“The Graduate Education Advancement Board Graduate Fellowship not only financially supports my study in my final year at UGA but also serves as an important confirmation of my academic accomplishments and encourages me to move forward.”


Hoang Luong

Physics and Astronomy

Tairan Qui

Language and Literacy Education

“I am honored to receive the fellowship and it has financially supported my pilot study and dissertation research. I was able to use a part of the funding to buy equipment such as cameras and audio-recorders.”

Lenny Shenje Amanda Lee Skarlupka Megan Steele CynthiaTope

Lenny Shenje

Physics and Astronomy

“The funds provided through this award has allowed me to devote more time to my Teaching and Research obligations for this Fall and the coming Spring semester.”

Amanda Skarlupka

Infectious Diseases

“This funding has helped me cover the costs of the student fees associated with graduate school. The motivation provided through this award will help me work through the last year of my studies.”

Megan Steele


“I have so much gratitude for the funding I received this year through the graduate school. It alleviated some of the financial burdens of the semester, which allowed me to spend more time focused on my research and teaching.”

Cynthia Tope


“The GEAB Fellowship has helped to significantly alleviate the financial burden of student fees so I use my stipend to improve my education experience. The fellowship has helped me to purchase better home office equipment so I can provide the best virtual classroom experience possible for my students.”

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