Cory Carvalho

Cory Carvalho

Human Development and Family Sciences

Chazz Jordan

Plant Biology

Wesley Billings

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Benjamin Morris


“For me, the Georgia Research Education Award Traineeship has made my passion for research compatible with raising my young family. It is pure peace of mind and it permits me to focus on the path ahead. I am truly grateful. ”


Chloe Andre Daniel Cryan Maria Teresa Tancredi

Chloe Andre


Daniel Cryan


Maria Tancredi

Crop and Soil Sciences

“The fellowship I received from UGA has not only allowed me to currently focus on my research and education but also helped to ensure my success in the future.” “This funding has been extremely valuable in allowing me to pursue my research interests at UGA. It has given me the freedom to focus on developing my project, unencumbered from superfluous academic responsibilities.” “I am honored to receive the GREAT assistantship. This funding represents my first achievement toward a doctoral degree and it will allow me to commit all my energies to the research project.”

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