Tes Reilly Jo Shieh

Robert Oberholzer

Educational Psychology

Theresa Reilly


“The recognition that my research can contribute something meaningful to our community is both gratifying and inspiring. It says something about who we are and what we want to achieve, and it is an honor to be selected.”

Josephine Shieh

Foods & Nutrition

“This assistantship has allowed me to purchase materials and supplies to make the course more effective and engaging. It has allowed me to gain more experience in designing and carrying out creative and interactive lessons that I can implement as a future instructor”

Lauren Sgro

Physics and Astronomy

Megan Ware Britta Girtz Alex Newman Andrew Wiggins

Megan Ware


“Teaching GRSC 7770 has made a huge impact on my experience at UGA. I am so thankful for the funding provided by this assistantship. However, the real value of it comes from time I get to spend helping new TA’s navigate the challenges and successes of teaching at a collegiate level. Teaching this course has helped me develop as a professional and diversify my teaching experiences and also as a mentor to fellow graduate students. I remember how much this course helped me 4 years ago as a new TA in Kinesiology, and it is a privilege to be able to help others.”

Britta Girtz


“This funding has enabled me to dedicate more of my time making progress on my dissertation research. Without it, I would have had to take on other jobs, missing out on more time with my children and family while also having less time for my research.”

Alex Newman


“Receiving this funding from the graduate school to teach GRSC 7770 has given me the opportunity to reflect on my experience teaching an assortment of courses for my department and help new graduate students in the department find their own success both as graduate students and as instructors.”

Andrew Wiggins


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