Mary Erlanger Graduate Fellowship

George Mois

Social Work

Yue Zhang


Mary Lynn Oliver Hunt and Matthew Alan Hunt Graduate Studies Fellowship

Sidonia Serafini


Joel Terry Hunt Graduate Fellowship in Engineering

Victor Oje

Victor Oje


“Before the funding, I struggled to meet my financial needs because of some difficult circumstances beyond my control. This experience affected my emotional/mental state of mind. As a result of this funding, I can focus more on my program. I would call this funding a “protective factor” that has aided my bouncing back from the financial stressor I initially faced. The funding has increased my motivation, an indicator that shows my work is appreciated, and a springboard for my future success. I really thank the donors of the funding, the College of Engineering, and UGA Graduate School.”

Beverly Hirsh Frank Graduate Fellowship for Women in Science

Alicer Andrew Alanna Koritzke PLACE HOLDER

Alicer Andrew

Infectious Diseases

“In the era of COVID-19, this funding has provided the peace of mind that I needed as I pursue my final year of research. I am extremely grateful to have received this award, which has helped me to cover my health insurance costs for the academic year.”

Alanna Koritzke


“The Beverly Hirsh Frank Graduate Fellowship for Women in Science has provided an enhanced opportunity for me to conduct collaborative interdisciplinary work between the Chemistry and Engineering departments. I have been part of the team making discoveries regarding the impact of new second-generation biofuels on atmospheric pollution.”

George Hugh Boyd Memorial Scholarship

Sarah Groh Joel Izlar Lei Jiang

Sarah Groh


“I am honored to receive the George Hugh Boyd Memorial Scholarship. I am interested in understanding how structural forces impact experiences of stigma, discrimination, and inequality for members of the queer community and how these experiences impact mental health outcomes as well as health care utilization. By receiving this scholarship I am able to focus my attention on honing my research interests and work towards developing my dissertation.”

Joel Izlar

Social Work

“This funding has helped me worry a little less about finances. Less financial anxiety has helped me focus on my goal to defend my dissertation in the spring.”

Lei Jiang

Language and Literacy Education

“The award is helpful for my research activities and professional engagement. I am using the funding for my doctoral research and academic training expenses. I am thankful for the generous support.”

Callie Oldfield Kelly Rea

Callie Oldfield

Plant Biology

“It is an honor to awarded this scholarship; it will support me as I work with UGA and my professional society, the Ecological Society of America, to promote equity in STEM.”

Kelly Rea


“The George H. Boyd Memorial Scholarship has supported me in pursuing additional research experiences which would otherwise be limited by travel costs and allowed me the flexibility to volunteer my time each summer giving back to our community through service at pediatric medical camps.”

Hamilton Lokey Graduate Scholarship

Sean Vanduyse Lauren Griffin

Sean Vanduyse

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science

“The impact of the Graduate School funding on my graduate education experience at UGA has been the reduction of financial stress. This funding has allowed me to be a more focused student and researcher as well as providing me the opportunity to explore other opportunities such as my position as a lab teaching assistant this semester.”

Lauren Griffin

Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering

“This scholarship has provided me the security to use my time to actively pursue lab work without the worry of the cost of university fees this year.”

Dianne C. Davison Scholarship

Abigail Armwood

Abigail Armwood

Veterinary Pathology

“The University Women’s Club – Dianne C. Davison Graduate Fellowship impacts my graduate experience at UGA by allowing me to travel for my experimental trials and purchase textbooks necessary for my education without acquiring additional financial burdens.”

Phibro Animal Health Graduate Fellowship

Sarah Vaughn

Sarah Vaughn

Comparative Biomedical Sciences

“Receiving the Phibro Animal Health Graduate Fellowship is helping support me during my fourth year as a PhD student. My research is currently focused on the effectiveness of oral anti-oxidants in equine health and disease. This funding allows me to more fully focus on this research and publishing, and I’m grateful for a fellowship that promotes animal health.”

Gwinn Henry Nixon Scholarship

Matt Gehr

Matthew Gehr


“The impact has been a huge relief. I know that is not normally what is said but this award allowed me not to worry about student fees for a whole year is so relieving.”

Orlin K. Fletcher, Jr. Scholarship

Krista Symosko PLACE HOLDER

Krista Symosko

Environmental Health Science

“By receiving the Orlin K. Fletcher Jr. Scholarship, I have the opportunity to continue pursuing my passion for understanding the connection between environmental influences and reproductive health. Additionally, the scholarship has helped ease the financial burden, allowing me to focus on my graduate education, research, and future career.”

Phelps-Stokes Graduate Fellowship

Amber Neal

Amber Neal

Educational Theory and Practice

“The Phelps-Stokes Fellowship will be used to support travel to archival repositories across the nation for my dissertation study on the history of Black women abolitionist teachers. I am incredibly thankful for this tremendous honor.”

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