Jeremiah Albers Saurabh Anand

Jeremiah Albers

Theatre and Film Studies

“This funding has made it possible for me to return to school and fulfill my dream of earning a Ph.D.”

Saurabh Anand


“Because of my F1 visa status, I am not allowed to work outside the campus during summers. My GSRA funding is an excellent cushion because it helps me stay on top of my research and focus on my writing without worrying about paying my bills during summers.”

John Bagwell

Plant Breeding, Genetics,
and Genomics

Molly Blair


Nathan Burton Freja Carlson Emily Dolatowski

Nathan Burton


“This funding is allowing me to pursue research that can help us to better utilize information technology.”

Freja Carlson

Landscape Architecture

“The funding has afforded me the opportunity to pursue graduate school which otherwise would not have been financially feasible. The funding also allows me to devote time to my studies due to not having to work full time to be able to afford the cost of living. I am very grateful for the opportunity!”

Joshua Cummins

Historic Preservation

Emma Dolatowski

Landscape Architecture

“This graduate education funding has allowed me to get acquainted as a first year student to my college as a whole. I have the opportunity to create close relationships with more faculty, staff, and students while also learning how the college functions. The funding gives me the opportunity to work in my assistantship that is closely related to my classes where other jobs would not allow for such a strong connection.”

Gregory Ellison Matt Farmer María González-Ferrer

Gregory Ellison


“The GRSC funding allowed me to quit my job and pursue a PhD full time!”

Matthew Farmer

Communication Studies

“Receiving this award has enabled me to continue my education; I would not be able to pursue a PhD without funding. Further, by providing me with more time to devote to my research interests, I am able to get a deeper grasp on theories, their reception, and their relevance to my own project. My project has been able to develop at a faster pace which allows for more time for edits and revisions leading to work that is closer to being shared with the academic community.”

Keely Fox


María González-Ferrer

Romance Languages

“As a first year Ph.D. student in Hispanic Linguistics, I am deeply grateful to The Graduate School for giving me the opportunity to expand my research knowledge working as a Graduate Research Assistant with highly experienced professors that will guide me in the process of my own research in the future. Being able to focus on my area of interest with them will provide me a better understanding of the research jobs that are currently being done. I also feel extremely honoured to have received this assistantship in this moment of my academic and professional career not only because I feel very valued by my university and my department, but also because considering the high pressure my colleagues are experiencing teaching, I am able to just focus on research. Thank you.”

Rebecca Harmata Haley R. Hatfield

Rebecca Harmata


“The Graduate Student Research Assistantship (GSRA) has been a key component of my ability to conduct research in the first semester of my program. Thus far, I have been able to spearhead two projects. One project resulted in an accepted manuscript proposal to a special call and the other project was recently submitted for consideration at our annual conference, SIOP. I am deeply grateful for the time and flexibility the GRSA funding has given me, and I am excited to continue this journey!”

Haley Hatfield


“Without this funding, I would not have been able to continue higher learning at the doctoral level in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.”

Kyndra Higgins


Patrick Huyck


Hannah Hynds Jasia Jannat Asa Julien

Hannah Hynds


“Being chosen as a recipient for the Graduate School Research Assistantship not only helped aid me in my decision to be a part of UGA’s graduate program, but it has also allowed me to get involved in a research group extremely early during my first semester. This funding has allowed me to focus on my classes and, most importantly, get a start in understanding and exploring the research I will be involved in for the next five years.”

Jasia Jannat

Crop and Soil Sciences

“I am very much grateful to UGA to give me an opportunity to pursue my Ph.D. under the Graduate Assistantship. It will make my Ph.D. journey smooth. It also provides me a lifetime chance to study in UGA which is one of the high ranking universities in the world. I will surely perform my duty as a graduate student at UGA diligently.”

Colt Jensen

Public Administration

Asa Julien

Integrative Conservation

“The funding has been much needed! It will allow me to focus on my own research early on and build a strong foundation in my study area.”

Brianna Kelley

Dustin Kasser


Brianna Kelley

Communication Sciences
and Disorders

Virginia King

& Human Development

Emily Loedding

Public Health

“As a student who faces multiple exceptionalities, I have overcome many obstacles throughout my educational career and life. Receiving a graduate school research assistantship allows me to continue my pursuit of higher education and to achieve the goals that I have set for myself.”


Kristen Lynch Ryan McDonald Kelsey McQueen

Kristen Lynch


“The funding offered to me by UGA has allowed me to work on my Ph.D. in music education full-time, which has been a dream of mine since I started teaching music 20 years ago.”

Katherine Markham


Ryan McDonald


“The GSRA award has allowed me to pursue my PhD. Without this funding, I would have had to find a different career goal because a tenure-track professorship requires a PhD. I also get to help with the research of some of the professors in the department, which helps bolster my abilities to do my own research in ways I may not have considered before.”

Kelsey McQueen


“I could not be here without my GSRA funding. I earned my Bachelors at Georgia, and it was (and still is) my dearest dream to stay here for my PhD in English. Park Hall is my favorite place in the world. This funding rooted me here- allowed me to stay- and it frees me to focus on my studies and taking good care of myself during graduate school. I wish I knew how to say thank you. I won’t ever stop trying!”

Shinhee Park

Quentin Murphy


Alex Monday

Higher Education

Kiersten Nelson


Shinhee Park

Learning, Leadership, & Organizational Development

“I am honored to be one of the recipients of the Graduate School Research Assistantship. I am committed to my education and to the HRD field, thanks to the generous Graduate School Research Assistantship.”

Sujan Paudel Ariana Persico

Sujan Paudel

Plant Pathology

“Without the assistantship, I wouldn’t be able to explore my favorite area of study: bacterial genetics. This is the gateway for me to collaborate with amazing faculty members, colleagues, and sustain myself in this beautiful university.”

Ariana Persico


“This funding will allow me to explore so many different educational opportunities during my time at UGA. I am so excited to see what the next few years will bring!”

Jennie Pless

Social Work

Tyler Skinner


I am very grateful to UGA for the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies, which would not have been possible without this award! It has allowed me to immediately focus on my research interests, which include sports economics and intercollegiate athletics.”

Clare Thomas Kelly Tims Sydney K Twyman

Clare Thomas

& Human Development

“Between coursework, research, caring for my 8-month old baby and my marriage, life is stressful; but because of the funding from The Graduate School, I don’t have to worry about the overwhelming weight of school debt. Thanks to the funding, I have been able to work on multiple manuscripts for publication and take advantage of many learning opportunities in my program”

Emma Kate Thome

Communication Sciences
& Disorders

Kelly Tims


“This funding has already positively affected my graduate student experience at UGA by allowing me to pursue the research topics of my choosing. I am so thankful for this opportunity!”

Sydney Twyman

Veterinary Medicine

“Receiving this award allowed me to take my time and rotate through multiple different labs during my first semester. This was really helpful because I could experience different environments and confidently decide which was the best fit!”

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