Edgar Alarcón Tinajero Malissa Alinor Melissa Anderson Morgan Ashcraft

Edgar Alarcon Tinajero


“The 2020 Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant allowed me to complete radiocarbon dating on archaeological samples in support of my dissertation research. With these analyses, I’m interpreting how Native people in what is now Mexico City faced European colonization (ca. 1550-1650) through persistence in local farming methods and diet.”

Malissa Alinor


Melissa Anderson


“As a recipient of the Graduate School Interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant I was able to create a virtual reality environment for my dissertation. This program allows me to safely and accurately measure functional reaction time for individuals with a history of concussion.”

Morgan Ashcraft

and Biomedical Sciences

“Receiving this award allowed me to progress my research with ease and efficiency, generally increasing productivity.”

Megan Beaudry Sarah Hubbel Bigger

Megan Beaudry

Environmental Health Science

“This award has opened the door for me to explore the microbiome of clinical settings in greater depths. Over the summer I was able to extract DNA, prepare libraries, and sequence over 300 samples from a range of healthcare settings across the United States! I am excited to analyze the data and publish the results this academic year.”

Sarah Bigger

Romance Languages

“The funding that I received from the Graduate School through the Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant has allowed me to purchase high-quality equipment that will aid me in conducting fieldwork in Peru in the upcoming year. This equipment will allow me to administer interviews with participants that yield high quality recordings for linguistic analysis, which will ultimately serve as the dataset for my dissertation.”

Fernando Clark


Elizabeth Clayborn

Communication Studies

Aline Luisa de Oliveira Ryan Devine

Samantha Day


Aline de Oliveir


“Receiving the Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant from the Graduate School helped me to make progress toward the completion of my degree!”

John De Soto

Plant Pathology

Ryan Devine


“My thesis involves reverse engineering blood vessels to make biomedical materials more compatible. Receiving the IIRG has allowed me to conduct more in-depth studies into the mechanisms of blood compatibility.”

Megan Douglass Marcus Dumas Madison Fagan

Anna Doner


Megan Douglass


“The graduate funding has significantly impacted my graduate education experience by providing me the reliable financial resources necessary to cover my cost of living, allowing me to focus on my research full-time.”

Marcus Dumas

Health Promotion & Behavior

“This funding has provided me with funding to help with recruitment material and incentives for research participants. I am very thankful for the funds provided by this award.”

Madison Fagan

Animal and Dairy Science

“This grant has greatly improved my graduate student experience as I am able to further my research on therapeutics for traumatic brain injuries.”

Olivia Ferrari Julia Frederick Mark Garren

Olivia Ferrari


“This funding enabled me to purchase software I am using to analyze my pre-dissertation research data, informing my future dissertation research planning.”

Divine Francis


Julia Frederick

Environmental Health Science

“This funding has given me the opportunity to further my PhD progress, while gathering preliminary data that is necessary for future grants. Without this funding, I wouldn’t have been able to test prototypes for my experimental design.”

Mark Richard Stephen Garren


“Funding from the UGA Graduate School has enabled me to dive into passion projects that I have long sought after but would have otherwise been limited towards due to other project responsibilities. Thanks to the UGA Graduate School, I’m expanding my horizons in my dissertation research, which I hope will prepare me well for future academic research endeavors.”

Sama Ghalei

Carissa Gilliland

Bruno Ubiali

Sean Halpin

Sama Ghalei


Carissa Gilliland


“This reward allowed me to purchase integral supplies which helped me complete a chapter of my dissertation. This work will hopefully contribute novel information to my field.”

Bruno Guimaraes Ubiali


“My research will involve an ecological component in which I will produce images to analyze the vegetation in the Brazilian Amazon. The Integrative and Innovative Research Grant has provided me with the means to purchase research equipment, including a drone, that will enable me to carry out this critical part of my dissertation project.”

Sean Halpin

Lifelong Education, Administration, & Policy

“The UGA Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant has helped bring me closer to graduating by paying for transcription used in two of my dissertation manuscripts.”

Adam Hannon-Hatfield Matthew Harris Alexandra Hofner Samantha Holder

Adam Hannon-Hatfield

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

“This funding will allow me to get hands-on experience using a cutting edge technology, Cryogenic Electron Microsopy.”

Matthew Harris


“The IIRG is my first research grant and it feels good that the Graduate School recognized my project. The grant enabled me to begin collecting and analyzing news articles and policy report data for my dissertation on the housing crisis in Oakland, CA.”

Alexandra Hofner

Integrative Conservation

“IIRG helped me to gain necessary skills for my research by supplying equipment that I was able to use over the summer in Athens. I will use this equipment to track monkeys in Sri Lanka for my dissertation research.”

Sammantha Holder


“The Graduate School Interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant directly supports my dissertation research on the impact of military service and imperial warfare on the diet and nutrition of 19th century Napoleonic and Russian soldiers. Thanks to the generous support of the Graduate School, I am completing the final stages of analysis and shifting to writing my dissertation!”

Kristen Knight Louisiana Lightsey

Eric Klopack


K. Nalani Knight


“The funding that I received through the Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant for Graduate Students gave me the computing device I need to run statistical models for my dissertation research. My study on the interaction of neuroimaging and genetics data for the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease requires analysis of multiple large data sets, for which I am not able to assess from home.”

Jacob Kremer

Environmental Health Science

Louisiana Lightsey


“The Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant that I received from the Graduate School helped defray the costs of preliminary dissertation research which subsequently better prepared me for formal fieldwork and enhanced my grant applications for 12 months of dissertation research support. I would not have been able to begin fieldwork so early on in my graduate career without the support of the Graduate School’s many funding programs.”

Ruizhe Lin Yang Liu Jonathan Micon

Ruizhe Lin


“It is a recognition of my work in interdisciplinary research. It is also an encouragement and support to my further study.”

Yang Liu


“This funding gave me a good starting point, and I will publish a paper this year.”

Megan Meany


Jonathan Micon


“Funding through the UGA Graduate School has given me the opportunity to proceed with my intended research plan despite the challenges faced by Covid-19. Without this funding, my research plan would have been severely impacted.”

Chris Moxley William Norfolk Alyssa Olenick Estefania Palacios-Tamayo

Chris Moxley


“The funds I received from the Graduate School allowed me to test additional procedures that have improved the workflow of my research so that I achieve more in less time.”

William Norfolk

Environmental Health Science

“Receipt of the IIRG award has allowed me to explore the ecological characteristics of an emerging marine pathogen and investigate how these characteristics may relate to disease transmission or severity.”

Alyssa Olenick


“Funding from the UG graduate school has allowed me to add a more complex and rigorous layer to my dissertation work. Helping me take my project up a notch in scientific value through assays purchased with this funding!”

Estefania Palacios-Tamayo


“The impact of interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant on my graduate education experience is highly significant. This funding has allowed me to begin doing my fieldwork in the Ecuadorian Andes. Although the pandemic that we are going through, I have achieved important advances in my investigation that will help out to successfully complete my dissertation.”

Rachel Perez-Udell Margot Popecki Xiao Qiu Lauren Quast

Rachel Perez-Udell

Plant Biology

“This funding has allowed me to move forward in the genetic analysis of Geranium maculatum for my dissertation. “

Margot Popecki


“I am studying the evolution of light color in firefly signaling. This funding has been immensely beneficial, as it enables me to learn more about the factors that determine light color and the mechanism underlying this unique adaptation.”

Xiao Qiu


“It was a great honor to be selected as a recipient for this funding. The funding helped me set up a private cloud service in our lab for remote data storage and analysis.”

Lauren Quast


“Funding through the Graduate School has allowed me to conduct novel research examining psychosocial and family functioning, and healthcare responsibility for children and adolescents with diverse medical conditions and their families.”

Morgan Richardson Darren Seidel Michael Skaro

Vanessa Raditz


Morgan Richardson


“Receiving the Innovation and Interdisciplinary Research Grant has allowed me to purchase all of the primary and secondary texts I plan to include in my dissertation. Having access to materials not available through the UGA library, or interlibrary loan, has been invaluable to my research.”

Darren Seidel

Animal and Dairy Science

“The Graduate School Interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant made a valuable impact on my final dissertation project with key ties to interdisciplinary sciences related to microorganisms and secondary plant compounds. I am very grateful for the Graduate School’s IIR grant and honored to be a recipient.”

Michael Skaro


“The Interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant has allowed me to greatly expand my thesis research aims. I used the funding to acquire a more genetically diverse tumor sample set and to investigate regulatory and expression changes driving carcinogenesis in my samples. Thank you to everyone that supports this funding mechanism. You have forwarded my doctoral thesis work.”

Ye Tian CynthiaTope Subhan Ullah Li Wang

Ye Tian


“It greatly helps me to improve my research, particularly on data collection.”

Cynthia Tope


Subhan Ullah

Infectious Diseases

“This award made me able to learn to lead, and contribute to the welfare of societies and benefit humanity. Importantly, I learned to dominate, not to compete.”

Li Wang

Plant Pathology

“This is the first funding I have applied and received. It is really my honor to receive it. As a graduate student, I do a lot of research experiments and take many classes but don’t have much experience to apply for grant funding, so this is valuable for me! From this experience, I learned how to write a grant proposal, how to manage funding and so on. And more importantly, I have gained confidence about grant application, and I will submit more proposals for funding from UGA and other sponsors in the future. The funding also helped me to finish my research.”

Stephen Weber Neil S. Williams Qian Zhang

Stephen Weber


“Through this funding I have been able to pursue additional research goals, leading to improved research skills and a broader educational experience, which helps me move closer towards achieving my academic goals.”

Neil Williams

International Affairs

“Funding from UGA has allowed me to conduct both focus group and survey research for my dissertation as I evaluate democratic attitudes in the Caribbean and the United States.”

Qian Zhang

Educational Psychology

“I am a 4th year doctoral student from the department of educational psychology. I applied for this award to help conduct pilot studies of my dissertation research. This funding has been supporting me to collect and analyze data, which facilitated the progress of my doctoral study and dissertation research.”

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