Cecilia Cerja John Banister

Cecilia Cerja

Communication Studies

“The funding from the Osbourne fellowship has allowed me to devote time to finalizing research projects, while also allowing me the time to do necessary archival work to determine my doctoral research interests.”

John Banister

Communication Studies

“The Osborne Fellowship is a boon to my development as a scholar, for it allows me to have a more flexible schedule to better conduct research while continuing my service in the Georgia Army National Guard.”

Jessica Fanczi


Zaira Castillo Briana Spivey Jared Richardson

Zaira Castillo


 “The Osborne Fellowship has allowed me to be able to attend graduate school as a first generation college student. It has also enabled me to focus on my piano studies, research, and passions as a musician. I am confident that during my time here at UGA, I will continue to grow and learn with with the resources provided to me by this fellowship.”

Briana Spivey


“The funding from the graduate school has provided me the space to develop my program of research as well as obtain opportunities in mentoring undergraduate students as they prepare for their transitions to graduate school. The Osborne Fellowship has been beyond helpful in my development as a research scholar.”

Jared Richardson


“It’s a HUGE burden off of my shoulders to have this kind of financial support whilst pursuing graduate studies. I’m lucky to be in a position to devote myself wholeheartedly to my studies without distraction, and grateful for the opportunity.”

Krysten Long, MA Nikki Clay Jillian Allen

Krysten Long


“We are in a new and precarious time with COVID-19 and receiving this assistantship has helped to reduce the stress associated with these times as well as the added stress of getting acclimated to my doctoral program. Not only this, but the Osborne Assistanship is helping me to obtain relevant experience in my field by offering me opportunities to gain valuable knowledge, communication skills, and leadership abilities, and it also allows me to work in the type of setting that I see myself working in the future. Thank you!”

Nikki Clay

Theatre and Film

“The funding from this fellowship has allowed me exclusive engagement on my studies in Theatre and Performance Studies. UGA is one of the top research institutions and I look forward to contributing to the scholarship this university produces.”

Jillian Allen

Integrated Life Sciences

“Being an Osborne Award recipient has had an amazingly positive impact on my transition into graduate education here at UGA. Relieving the burden of some of my moving expenses has allowed me much more time to focus on my studies!”

Krista K Barbour Reagan Haney Anna Iouchmanov

Krista Barbour

Integrated Life Sciences

“The Osborne Assistantship helped tremendously this summer, especially with the unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic. The stipend helped with moving expenses and provided a financial ease in the overall graduate school transition.”

Reagan Haney

Integrated Life Sciences

“The Graduate School Osborne Assistantship helped make the move from Idaho to Georgia easier and less stressful!”

Anna Iouchmanov

Integrated Life Sciences

“This funding has lessened the financial strain of moving across the country to Athens, thereby allowing me to attend the school of my dreams and work with amazing mentors without having to worry as much about financial matters.”

Angel Pittman

Angel Pittman

Integrated Life Sciences

“This funding has alleviated the financial stress of starting my graduate education experience. This award has allowed me to focus more on my study’s here at UGA!”

Justina Stainslaw

Integrated Life Sciences

Matthew Whittaker

Integrated Life Sciences

Patrice Wiltz Mary Ella Cap/Gown

Patrice Wiltz

Integrated Life Sciences

“The Osborne Assistantship Award has helped me cover the costs associated with moving to Athens. I am honored and humbled to have received it.”

Emile Barnes

Integrated Plant Sciences

Mary Washburn

Integrated Plant Sciences

“Receiving the Osborne Assistantship has helped to lighten the financial burden that can come with attending graduate school allowing me to shift my full focus to my graduate career, professional development, and community involvement. As a result, I have been able to take care of my family, manage my time in a responsible manner, attend a variety of workshops, and make connections within the university and community that would have been challenging to manage otherwise.”

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