Southern Regional Educational Board Doctoral Fellowship

Damion T. Dixon Shantesica Gilliam Tatiana Villarreal-Otalora Kharine Jean

Damion Dixon


Shantesica Gilliam

Health Promotion & Behavior

Tatiana Villarreal-Otalora

Social Work

Kharine Jean


“Through the Southern Regional Educational Board Doctoral Fellowship I’ve been able to focus primarily on research and less on money. This has made my time here at UGA a lot less stressful and fulfilling in terms of gaining my Doctorate.” “Because of SREB’s Doctoral Scholars program I am and have been able to continue my endeavors as a future academic to inspire, teach, support, and be a representation to students who not only want to pursue careers in Public Health but also those, especially first generation students, who want to continue their education to graduate school.” “The funding has allowed me to engage dissertation research that is ethical and provides underrepresented research participants with compensation for their time. It has also helped me access computer assisted programs to enhance the quality of my data analysis thus dissertation findings.” “This funding has allowed me the opportunity to focus on my research and has enabled me to create a network of SREB scholars who have helped me in several ways along the way. The annual Teaching and Mentoring Institute, which is one of the biggest conferences attended by PhD racial/ethnic minorities, has played a significant role in my will and drive to complete my degree and pursue a career in academia.”

Southern Regional Educational Board Dissertation Award

Roshaunda Breeden

Roshaunda Breeden

College Student Affairs Administration

“The Southern Regional Educational Board (SREB) fellowship is helping to advance my dissertation research. Funding from SREB will help me explore the relationship between historically white colleges and universities and local Black communities and how the historical and current context of institutions has led to economic and educational inequities and injustices in Black communities. Furthermore, the SREB fellowship provides career counseling and support for the faculty job search.”


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