Samantha Holder Isabelle H. Lulewicz John McGreevy Katharine Napora

Sammatha Holder


“The Graduate School Interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant directly supports my dissertation research on the impact of military service and imperial warfare on the diet and nutrition of 19th century Napoleonic and Russian soldiers. Thanks to the generous support of the Graduate School, I am completing the final stages of analysis and shifting to writing my dissertation!”

Isabelle Lulewicz


“The Graduate Summer Research Assistantship allowed me to devote my summer to writing my dissertation. I was able to focus full-time on writing my dissertation which made a significant impact on my time to completion and quality of my manuscript. I plan to defend my dissertation in October 2020 for a Fall 2020 graduation which would not have been possible without this funding.”

John McGreevy


“The Graduate School Summer Research Assistantship provided me financial security in a time of global uncertainty, allowing me to focus solely on my research. Through this process, I was able to analyze data, craft materials to bring findings back to my study site in rural Haiti, and progress on dissertation chapters that I will submit to academic journals.”

Katharine Napora


“The Dissertation Completion Award gave me the resources and time to finish the 5,177-year tree-ring chronology that I developed for my dissertation work over the summer of 2020.”

Megan Neely Cristina Valencia Mazzanti Parkhi Manasi

Megan Neely


“Time is a valuable commodity in graduate school, and this funding allowed me to focus on writing and puzzling out the themes embedded in my research.”

Francesca Pase

Educational Theory & Practice

Cristina Valencia Mazzanti

Educational Theory & Practice

“Receiving the 2020 Summer Doctoral Research Assistantship was instrumental in maintaining my progress towards completing my dissertation. This award also helped me advance my research agenda to create more socially just educational and research practices in contexts of linguistic diversity and for Latine communities.”

Manasi Parkhi

Environment & Design 

“I’m a PhD candidate in Environmental Planning and Design. The funding provided by the Graduate School has been extremely helpful in furthering my teaching goals and enhancing my teaching portfolio.”

Dina Rasquinha Lizette Busquets Cortina Jihoon (Jay) Kim

Dina Rasquinha


“It takes years to successfully complete your doctoral research and to do so, one has to cross several hurdles. Funding is the biggest of these hurdles! The summer funding helped me concentrate solely on my research and writing for two months, providing a momentary escape from future funding woes.”

Lizette Busquets


“The UGA Graduate School Summer Research Award helped me immensely, especially during these unprecedented circumstances. Usually, I must search for a source of income during the summer, which in the past has resulted in limited time being dedicated to my research and dissertation work. This year, the award allowed me to dedicate the second half of the month of May and the month of June entirely to my dissertation. I was able to organize thousands of photos that I had taken in the Puerto Rico archives and, once those were organized, I was able to complete examining many of the documents. It also allowed me to acquire other important documents from digital archives in the United States and Spain. As a result, I completed two chapters of the dissertation, and I also put together the backbone of a third chapter. The award has made it possible for me to stay on course and still plan on completing the dissertation by January 2021, get final comments from my committee, and defend the dissertation sometime in March or April 2021. I’m grateful to the UGA Graduate School for the opportunity and it would have been rather difficult to get this much done if it were not for the award.”

Jay Kim


“The Summer Doctoral Research Assistantship allowed me to focus on my dissertation research and writing during the summer without having to worry about monetary concerns. I am one step closer to the completion of my doctoral degree in Mass Communication!”

Marcus Hines


Elise Robinson Brittany T. Martin

Arash Aboutorabi Hamedani


Elise Robinson

Theatre and Film Studies

“This funding allowed me to write and submit an article on my dissertation topic which was accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and will be published next year.”

Brittany Martin


“The funding has helped me make significant progress on my dissertation research and writing.”

Simon Williamson

Political Science

Lei Jiang Ryan Yu-Lin Liou Sebastian Burkholdt Elaine Alvey

Lei Jiang

Language and Literacy Education

“The award is helpful for my research activities and professional engagement. I am using the funding for my doctoral research and academic training expenses. I am thankful for the generous support.”

Ryan Liou

International Affairs


Sebastian Burkholdt

Educational Theory
and Practice

“Receiving the Graduate School Summer Research Assistantship has been a blessing and it allowed me to expand the research for my dissertation. I was able to conduct more research interviews, transcribe them, and collect more documents, thereby strengthening my research and the quality of my data.”

Elaine Alvey

Educational Theory
and Practice

“This funding supported my dissertation data analysis and writing related to the curricular and pedagogical implications of teaching climate crisis over the summer of 2020. This funding allowed me to have uninterrupted time to devote to research which I am passionate about and which is timely given the urgency of climate change. “

Ye Tian Jonathan D. Hepworth

Meltem Safak

Comparative Literature
& Intercultural Studies

Jonathan Mccombs


Ye Tian


“It greatly helps me to improve my research, particularly on data collection.”

Jonathan Hepworth


“I’m grateful for this funding that came at a crucial time when this pandemic and economic disruption threatened to disrupt my progress toward graduation. I was able to focus on creating a better workflow for my research and move forward with additional research necessary for me to complete my degree.”

Ashley Crooks-Allen

Cristhian Alfonso

Romance Languages

“In times of uncertainty, the support of the UGA Graduate School has provided me with important resources that have led me to find relevant information and to meet incredible professionals that will contribute to making my dissertation a long-lasting project”

Brian Gravely

Romance Languages


Fernando Clark



Ashley Crooks-Allen


“This funding has made it possible to focus on my dissertation this past summer. This allowed me to complete my IRB & start my social media data collection. This puts me in a good position to go forward with my remote qualitative interviews.”

Britta Girtz

Britta Girtz


“This funding has enabled me to dedicate more of my time making progress on my dissertation research. Without it, I would have had to take on other jobs, missing out on more time with my children and family while also having less time for my research.”

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