2019 New Graduate Student Orientation

The Classic Center – August 12, 2019

00:30 Welcome to Graduate School- Dr. Ron Walcott (Interim Dean & Associate Dean, Graduate School);
11:02 UGA Culture of Honesty- Phillip Griffeth (Academic Honesty & Integrity);
12:55 Expect Respect – Clare Norins (Equal Opportunity Office);
15:52 A Network of Support- Dr Beau Seagraves (Student Care & Outreach);
19:10 Resources for Students- Carla Buss (UGA Libraries);
28:09 Welcome to UGA- Dr. S. Jack Hu (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost);
42:10 Staying Happy & Healthy- Kristine Groft (University Health Center);
50:00 Student Health Insurance 101- Joanna Manzi (UGA Human Resources);
58:27 Being Involved- Sierra Francois (Graduate Student Association), Pedro Alvarado (Graduate & Professional Scholars;
01:04:25 Road Map for Success- Sabrina Woods (Graduate School Business Office), Cheri Bliss (Graduate School Admissions & Student Services)


Information Fair Participants

Academic Honesty

E-Mail: honesty@uga.edu


E-Mail: aspire@uga.edu

Athens Science Alliance

E-Mail: athenssciencecafe@gmail.com

Athens Welcome Center

E-Mail: info@athenswelcomecenter.com

Athens-Clarke County Transit

E-Mail: rachel.hopkins@accgov.com


Email: kkmorris@follett.com

Campus Ministry Association 

E-Mail: ugacma@gmail.com

Career Center 

E-Mail: career@uga.edu

Center for Student Activities & Involvement

E-Mail: involvement@uga.edu

Center for Teaching & Learning

E-Mail: gradteach@uga.edu

Christian Graduate Fellowship

E-Mail: cgf@uga.edu

Disability Resource Center

E-Mail: drc@uga.edu

Enterprise Information Technology Systems (EITS)

E-Mail: helpdesk@uga.edu

Emergency Preparedness

Email: prepare@uga.edu

Equal Opportunity Office

Email: ugaeoo@uga.edu

Experiential Professional Development (xPD)

E-Mail: acrain@uga.edu

Financial Aid

E-Mail: osfa@uga.edu

Georgia Museum of Art

E-Mail: gmoa@uga.edu

Graduate & Professional Scholars (GAPS)

E-Mail: gaps@uga.edu

Graduate Research Assistants Diversifying STEM (GRADS)

E-Mail: gradstem@uga.edu

Graduate School Admissions

E-Mail: gradadm@uga.edu

Graduate School Enrolled Student Services

E-Mail: gradinfo@uga.edu

Graduate School Financial Services

E-Mail: gsfinanc@uga.edu

Graduate School Recruitment & Diversity Initiatives


Graduate Student Association (GSA)

E-Mail: gsa@uga.edu

Graduate Students & Postdocs in Science (GSPS)

E-Mail: gsps.uga@gmail.com

Health Insurance for Students (Human Resources)

E-Mail: gshiplan@uga.edu 

Immigration Services

E-Mail: immigration@uga.edu

Innovation Gateway

E-Mail: gateway@uga.edu

Institutional Diversity

E-Mail: diverse@uga.edu

International Student Life

E-Mail: isl@uga.edu

LGBT Resource Center

E-Mail: lgbtrc@uga.edu

Multicultural Services and Programs

E-Mail: john.alvarezturner@uga.edu

Performing Arts Center

E-Mail: ugaarts@perfcenter.uga.edu

Recreational Sports Department

Email: recsports@uga.edu

Student Account Services

Email: stuacct@uga.edu

Student Care & Outreach (Office of the Dean of Students)

E-Mail: sco@uga.edu

Student Conduct

E-Mail: conduct@uga.edu

Student Veterans Resource Center (Office of the Dean of Students)

Email: svrc@uga.edu


E-Mail: sustain@uga.edu

Transportation and Parking Services
University Health Center

Email: contact@uhs.uga.edu

University Housing

Email: housing@uga.edu

Writing Center

Email: WritingCenter@uga.edu


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