The University of Georgia’s PREP, “Post-baccalaureate Training in Infectious Diseases Research,” provides focused research training opportunities to students from underrepresented backgrounds. In this NIH-funded program, we work closely with recent post-baccalaureate students during a one-year, stipend-supported program to provide them with the skills necessary to excel in biomedical graduate training programs. PREP@UGA will equip those with the desire and motivation to become the next generation of biomedical researchers with the required credentials to achieve their goal. A unique feature of PREP@UGA is the focus on training in infectious diseases.

Participants will:

  • Gain skills enabling them to pursue further studies in any area of biomedical research
  • Receive individualized mentoring from experts in the biomedical field
  • Receive assistance in applying to competitive PhD and MD/PhD programs, including intensive GRE preparation
  • Receive a one year stipend with access to health insurance
  • Have opportunities to travel and present research at notable conferences or symposia

Program information and an online application can be accessed at

Degree Code: NON_GM

Academic Program: 

500 D. W. Brooks Dr.
Coverdell Center, Room N330C
University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602

Graduate Coordinator:

Julie Moore

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