UGAGradsAtHome Challenge

Now is the time to share how you are “staying-at-home” on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  And the posts that have the most likes at the end of the Challenge WIN!! 

This Challenge is a social media contest for the most liked postings. Share with other graduate students how you’re staying at home – what your virtual work space looks like, who’s keeping you company while working/learning from home, how you are spending your time and staying active.  

Share your best images with your fellow graduate students on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or on all 3 platforms. Use the hashtags #UGAGradsWFH & #UGAGradsOnline in your posts to be included in the challenge. Let your friends know when you’ve posted so they can like your images before the Challenge closes at 6 pm/EDT on Friday, April 10.  

The posts with the hashtags #UGAGradsWFH & #UGAGradsOnline that get the most likes in each category (listed below) across all platforms will win gift cards to local restaurants. These are the categories for the challenge: 

  1. Favorite WFH Buddy 
  1. Go-to Comfort Food 
  1. Innovative Home Office 
  1. Staying Active 

You can post in one or more categories, but you can only win in one category. See the rules below. 


UGAGradsAtHome Challenge Rules:

  • All posts must show you are following the social distancing guidelines from the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health. 
  • All posts must include the #UGAGradsWFH & #UGAGradsOnline hashtags to be included in the Challenge. 
  • Prizes will be awarded to the owner of the account used to post to the Challenge. 
  • An individual may only win in one category. If postings from one individual have the most the likes in more than one category, the person with the second highest number of likes in the next category (based on the list above) will be designated the winner. 
  • The Challenge closes at 6 pm/EDT on Friday, April 10.  The winners will be announced after the online concert (stayed tuned for more details) on Friday evening, April 10. 

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