Eligibility Rules

  1. The application submission deadline is April 8, 2016
  2. Applications must follow submission guidelines and be submitted to graddean@uga.edu
  3. Nominees selected as finalists will be interviewed by competition judges on May 11, 9:00-11:00 am. If a finalist is unavailable for an interview, their application will not be considered
  4. The award recipient will be announced May 18, 2016
  5. To be eligible, all applicants must meet the following criteria:
    • Must be registered as a full-time graduate student at the University of Georgia in spring 2016 and fall 2016
    • Must have medical insurance
    • Must speak English fluently
    • Must be available to participate in the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program, from June 18 to August 28, 2016
  6. The award recipient must provide the following documents/information by May 18, 2016
    • Proof of residence
    • If a non-US citizen: copy of valid visa and passport number
  7. The recipient is required to have a computer to use during the Singularity University Global Solutions Program.
  8. The award covers the cost of attending Singularity University, which includes food and housing for the 10-week course, and roundtrip travel from Athens to NASA Research Park in California. The recipient will be responsible for personal expenses during the course.

Award Recipient’s Obligations to UGA

The award recipient will sign a document in which he or she agrees to:

  1. Complete the principal module of the Singularity University Global Solutions Program
  2. Comply with UGA standards of conduct as specified in:  http://conduct.uga.edu/code_of_conduct/codeofconduct.pdf
  3. Comply with SU standards of conduct
  4. Complete the graduate program of study at UGA after attending SU
  5. Create and maintain a website (e.g. blog) for the exclusive purpose of sharing his or her experiences, impressions, and lessons learned during the 2016 Singularity University Global Solutions Program
  6. Provide information on the experience that can benefit the UGA community
  7. Share all informational materials acquired during the program with sponsoring UGA offices
  8. Authorize UGA to use his or her image as well as written and spoken statements for publicity purposes

In the case that the award recipient cannot meet these requirements, the second-place finalist will be declared the recipient and will receive the award. If he or she also fails to meet the requirements, the third-place finalist will be declared the award recipient. If none of these three nominees meet the requirements, the competition will be declared void.

Selection Criteria

The nomination materials will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Degree of solution’s relevance to the competition challenge
  • Regional relevance in solving the problem
  • Feasibility, viability, and coherence of implementing the idea
  • Entrepreneurial and innovative potential, with a focus on technological novelty
  • Leadership experience and quality, profile, achievements, and potential

The award recipient will be selected by a panel of judges and his or her name will be announced on the UGA Graduate School and Office of the Vice President for Research websites on May 18, 2016.

If you have any questions regarding this competition, please contact Dean Suzanne Barbour, graddean@uga.edu, or Dr. David Lee, dclee@uga.edu.

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