Submission Guidelines

The deadline to submit applications is April 8, 2016. All nomination packets must be submitted a single PDF document and emailed to Include the applicant’s full name in the subject line and a brief description of the submission in the email body. Application packets must contain the following documentation:

  1. Explain the your expertise in at least one (or more, if applicable) area(s) across the 4 exponential technologies, 6 tools and methods, and/or 11 global grand challenges listed below (500 word limit):
    • 4 Exponential Technologies
      • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
      • Digital Biology & Medicine
      • Digital Fabrication & Nanotechnology
      • Networks & Computing Systems
    • 6 Tools & Methods
      • Policy, Law & Ethics
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Design Thinking
      • Corporate Innovation
      • Data Science
      • Future Forecasting
    • 11 Global Grand Challenges
      • Learning
      • Energy
      • Environment
      • Food
      • Health
      • Prosperity
      • Security
      • Water
      • Space
      • Disaster Resilience
      • Governance
  2. Explain an innovative solution and implementation strategy that leverages technology to address the UGA Impact Challenge, using a video (required) and one additional format from the list below:
    • Required Video submission: a video presentation (maximum of 5 minutes)that includes (1) explanation of the problem and your solution;  (2) an introduction of youself, including your academic background; and, (3) how your participation in the SU Global Solutions Program will help you have an impact in the world. Use Vimeo to upload the video and send an invitation to  Include this information in the email when you submit your materials to
    • Choose any one of these other formats to provide additional support for your innovative solution and implementation strategy:
      • Presentation: max 10 slides with no more than 3-4 bullet-points per page. This presentation should be able to give the reviewers a thorough understanding of the innovative idea and implementation strategy.
      • Any other creative format that will best express the solution. Please obtain prior approval regarding alternative methodologies.
  3. In brief responses, please answer these questions:
    • Imagine it is the first day of the GSP.  How would you introduce yourself to your peers? (150 word limit)
    • If you are selected, what impact will this have on your future plans? (100 word limit)
    • If you not selected for the GSP, what are your alternate plans? (100 word limit)
  4. Your curriculum vitae
  5. Brief statement from the your major professor that you are in good academic standing, are making satisfactory progress toward the degree, and will be available to participate in the program from June 18-August 28, 2016.

Applicants selected as finalists will be interviewed by competition judges on May 11, 9:00-10:00 am. If a finalist is unavailable for an interview, the application will not be considered.

If you have any questions regarding this competition, please contact Dean Suzanne Barbour,, or Dr. David Lee,

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