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Graduate Education Events

TEDxUGA: Connect


March 22, 2018

7:00 PM – The Classic Center

Every year, a carefully selected group of UGA faculty, alumni, and students gather together at TEDxUGA to share their philosophies, art, inspiration, and ideas worth spreading. These ideas inspire curiosity attracting audience members from all over to connect and share in this collective experience. Every year this connectivity fosters an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration that can only be truly experienced first hand. With the help of campus and community partners, this year’s event promises to bring together UGA’s leading thinkers and doers to share their passions, stories, inspirations, and ideas.

Our world is made up of connections—an intricate web built from the ties of biology and the wires of technology. At the University of Georgia, we’ve found that the remarkable can happen when unexpected connections occur: paths cross, forces combine, people collaborate, and new ideas come alive. The most powerful connections are the ones we never see coming.  At TEDxUGA 2018, we will explore the stories, experiences, and ideas that emerge when things connect.

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