Prioritizing graduate education is critical to supporting and advancing the research, teaching and outreach missions of Georgia’s flagship University. We seek to foster excellence in a broad, inclusive, and growing graduate enterprise that prepares intellectual leaders of the State, Nation, and World.


To empower and enrich global communities through advancements inspired by graduate education.

Strategic Plan 2025

Goal 1: Support graduate student success and well-being.

  • Strategy 1.A: Enhance advocacy on behalf of graduate students for University and System-level decisions (health insurance, fees, assistantships, access to mental health care etc.)
  • Strategy 1.B: Offer Graduate School programming that is innovative, data-driven, responsive, and accessible
  • Strategy 1.C: Facilitate the enhancement, excellence and enrollment growth of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs (IGP)
  • Strategy 1.D: Develop and implement strategies to ensure effective graduate student mentoring

Goal 2: Endorse equity and justice in graduate education by promoting access and retention, particularly for underserved students.

  • Strategy 2.A: Ensure access to graduate education by recruiting historically underrepresented and first-generation graduate students.
  • Strategy 2.B: Promote retention of historically underrepresented and first-generation graduate students.

Goal 3: Strengthen and simplify processes to support Graduate School stakeholders.

  • Strategy 3.A: Work with Graduate Council to re-engineer its function and structure
  • Strategy 3.B: Comprehensively review business practices and core functions
  • Strategy 3.C: Optimize graduate student application and enrollment management system and IT resources
  • Strategy 3.D: Increase training opportunities for graduate coordinators and graduate coordinator assistants

Goal 4: Strengthen relationships with campus partners.

  • Strategy 4.A: Strengthen and formalize relations with Office of Research (OoR)
  • Strategy 4.B: Strengthen relations with Office of Student Affairs and other offices to enhance graduate student life
  • Strategy 4.C: Strengthen relations with Office of Global Engagement to provide services and resources for international students
  • Strategy 4.D: Strengthen relations with partners to identify experiential professional development opportunities for graduate students.
  • Strategy 4.E: Increase fund raising for graduate education and graduate student support
  • Strategy 4.F: Strengthen relations with Public Service and Outreach
  • Strategy 4.G: Enhance partnership with Human Resources to better support stakeholders engaged in graduate education

Goal 5: Enhance communication with stakeholders

  • Strategy 5.A: Redesign Graduate School website for improved efficiency and user experience
  • Strategy 5.B: Improve effectiveness of Graduate School communication

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