The MA offers an opportunity to work closely with a scholar in your area of interest in the study of religion, while receiving additional support from our excellent and diverse faculty.

Degree Type: Masters

Degree Program Code: MA_RELI

Degree Program Summary:

The Religion Department offers a Master of Arts degree (MA) in religion. Application for admission is made through the Graduate School. An MA in religion consists of 24 hours of course work (18 in major area, 6 in a minor) and 6 hours of thesis and related research for a total of 30 semester hours. At least 12 hours (excluding 7000 Master’s Research) must be taken in courses not admitting undergraduates. No more than 6 hours of 7000 may be included in the program of study.

The department offers a comprehensive program of studies in the field of religion leading to the MA degree. Areas of concentration are in Biblical studies, Christian studies, Jewish studies, Islamic studies, and Indian and East Asian religious studies. Various methodologies are employed in these areas. Admission to the MA program presupposes a thorough background in religious studies. The graduate program is designed to give the student a broad and thorough training in the field of religion with a specialization in some area of concentration.

Locations Offered:

Athens (Main Campus)

College / School:

Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

346 Brooks Hall
Athens, GA 30602




Graduate Coordinator(s):

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