The Department of Computer Science is a department with energetic and creative professors whose interests cover many of the growing or emerging research areas in Computer Science. Over the past several years the number and quality of the faculty and the graduate students have increased. The department has formed various research groups and labs and several of them have significant external funding. Particular strengths include theory, systems, information systems, and artificial intelligence.

Degree Type: Masters

Degree Program Code: MAMS_APMA_AS

Degree Program Summary:

This is a professional master’s degree program designed for students who seek a broad training in applied computational / quantitative methods as preparation for professional employment in business, government, or industry. Students in this program take a core curriculum of courses offered by three participating departments from the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences: Computer Science (CSCI); Mathematics (MATH); and Statistics (STAT).

Student complete an interdisciplinary program of study which allows a combination of expertise in computation with a chosen field of application.

The program of study must consist of 33 semester hours of graduate course work. In the Department of Computer Science option, the program includes 10 hours of basic core courses, at least 20 hours of CSCI 6000- or 8000-level courses, and 3 hours for a technical report. There is no foreign language requirement. To accommodate students with different career goals, other options are available in the other participating departments.

The program is designed to meet the need for technical specialists who can use computation, applied mathematics, analysis, and statistics to solve complex, quantitative, real-world problems. As part of the program of study, each student prepares a technical report (in lieu of a thesis). This gives the student an opportunity to apply course work, and is intended to be similar to the type of report one may expect to prepare when employed after graduation.

Locations Offered:

Athens (Main Campus)

College / School:

Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

346 Brooks Hall
Athens, GA 30602



Department of Mathematics

Graduate Coordinator(s):

Hamid Arabnia

Phone Number:


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