Crop & soil scientists are responsible for the world’s food, feed & fiber supply, & conserving soil & water resources. Research areas include Environmental Soil Science / Water Quality, Crop Management / Physiology, Turfgrass Science, Weed Science, & Plant Breeding / Genetics.

Degree Type: Doctoral

Degree Program Code: PHD_CRSS

Degree Program Summary:

Crop and soil scientists are responsible for the world’s food, feed, and fiber supply, while conserving our soil and water resources. Our goals are to provide the best educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels; conduct innovative basic and applied research programs in the crop, soil, turf, and environmental sciences; and to provide superior service to our clientele.

The Department of Crop and Soil Sciences offers a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Agronomy (code 065) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Agronomy (code 065A), both of which require original research. In addition, the Department offers a non-thesis Master of Crop and Soil Sciences (M.C.S.S.) degree (code 173), as well as an interdepartmental Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management (M.P.P.P.M.) degree (code 0656). Students who desire to take a limited number of classes for professional certification but not pursue a degree may be admitted in the Nondegree category. Most graduate students receive financial aid in the form of 40%-time assistantships that currently pay $15,500 for the M.S. degree and $16,500 for the Ph.D. Degree. Faculty can choose to offer up to 49%-time assistantships, with a corresponding increase in stipend. All students on assistantships receive out-of-state tuition waivers and in-state fee reductions. Students are responsible for paying incidental fees only, which amount to about $1000 per year. Students on 40%-time assistantships are expected to work an average of 16 hours per week over and beyond the work required to carry out their own research projects. Please feel free to contact faculty members listed in the Faculty page as to the possibility of working under their guidance. More information on the graduate program is available following the links listed below.

Locations Offered:

Athens (Main Campus)

College / School:

College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

147 Cedar Street
Athens, GA 30602



Crop and Soil Sciences

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