Graduates from the pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences graduate program are in demand throughout the United States and the world in a wide variety of challenging biomedical careers.

Degree Type: Doctoral

Degree Program Code: PHD_PHRM

Degree Program Summary:

The majority of our graduates are employed in the pharmaceutical industry with major multi-national pharmaceutical companies as well as smaller regional companies. Many of our students find opportunities in the rapidly expanding biotechnology industry where they attempt to bring the newest molecular biological techniques into modern therapeutics. In addition to industrial opportunities, many of our graduates find exciting careers with government labs and regulatory agencies. We also have many faculty serving at some of the premiere research and teaching universities in the world.

The Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences at The University of Georgia offers M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs in all major disciplines of the pharmaceutical sciences, including pharmaceutics, pharmacology, toxicology, medicinal chemistry and other related biomedical sciences. Faculty within the department conduct highly interdisciplinary research including the design, synthesis and discovery of novel antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer agents, biological mechanisms of action of therapeutic agents, pharmacokinetics, signal transduction and cancer, neuroprotective agents, bioanalytical chemistry, nutraceuticals, nanotechnology and drug delivery, computational chemistry, genomic analysis and viral genes and injury prevention resulting from weapons of mass destruction and bioterrorism.

During the course of study, students will gain experimental and theoretical expertise in their area of concentration and will develop competencies needed for leadership positions in industrial, government or academic settings related to the pharmaceutical sciences or biotechnology.

Since January 2005, the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences has been integrally involved in the development of a world class Center for Drug Discovery. The mission of The University of Georgia Center for Drug Discovery is the discovery and development of new chemical and biological entities for combating a variety of existing and emerging life-threatening diseases.

Locations Offered:

Athens (Main Campus)

College / School:

College of Pharmacy

250 W. Green Street
Athens, GA 30602



Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

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