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African American Studies

This 15 hour interdisciplinary certificate is geared towards those seeking demonstrable knowledge in the area of African American Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health, History, Culture, Literature, and the Arts.


The mission of the IOB graduate degree program is to train and mentor students as bioinformaticians to join the work force of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, private and government research labs, and academia. More info: iob.uga.edu

Certificate in Obesity and Weight Management

Address the problem of obesity and weight management from evidence-based, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives that include nutrition, physical activity, behavioral management and counseling, environment, and policy perspectives.

Clinical Residency in Pharmacy

we are proud to offer several unique and challenging post graduate residency training opportunities.

Clinical Trials Design and Management

This web-based Certificate Program provides a foundation for individuals to manage the development and implementation of scientifically valid clinical study designs including monitoring of clinical trials and directing daily clinical trial operations

Cultural Landscape Conservation

Equips students in multiple disciplines with the ability to understand and apply principles and practices that facilitate the recognition, stewardship, and sustainable development of cultural landscapes in urban and rural environments.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Broaden your cultural knowledge base, acquire a multidisciplinary foundation, and develop multicultural and social justice leadership skills.

Educational Law and Policy

Gain an edge in professional development in the areas of education law, policy development, and administration.


The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship provides students the opportunity to develop skills necessary to launch and grow businesses and social enterprises.

Environmental Ethics

The Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP) is a non-degree, interdisciplinary program enhancing graduate education. It provides a forum where students and faculty discuss social and scientific responsibilities toward our environment.

Geographic Information Science

The department of Geography at UGA is a leading center of scholarship on the physical and social processes that shape our world. We offer certificate programs in Urban & Metropolitan Studies and Geographic Information Science.


To meet the increasing demand of a gerontology trained workforce, the Institute of Gerontology offers an 18 credit hour Graduate Certificate in Gerontology. All courses are offered online, and are designed to fit seamlessly with other commitments.

Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia

This certificate provides teachers, clinicians, and specialists with knowledge related to reading and language development, assessment, instruction, and remediation of reading disability.

Historic Preservation Studies

Equips students in multiple disciplines with an ability to understand and apply principles and practices that facilitate the recognition, protection and sustainable development of cultural resources in both natural and cultural environments.

Instructional Technology for Teaching

If you have an interest in using technology more effectively in your classrooms, this certificate is for you.

Interdisciplinary Certificate in Creativity and Innovation

This 15-hour interdisciplinary certificate program provides the necessary foundation from which to synthesize and apply core knowledge, cognitive toolkits, and informed practices from the diverse domains of study that explore creativity and innovation.

International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences

This web-based Certificate in Int'l Regulatory Sciences provides a core foundation for those who wish to gain an understanding of regulatory requirements. It covers regulations for Pharmaceutical, Biologic, Medical Device, and Animal Health products.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Advance your interdisciplinary scholarship and practice in the field of marriage and family therapy.

Mathematics Education

This certificate benefits you if you're pursuing a doctorate degree in mathematics. It will help expand your knowledge and form connections between diverse disciplines of mathematics and mathematics education through coursework and field experience.

Nonprofit Management and Leadership

The UGA Institute for Nonprofit Organizations in the School of Social Work offers a 12-credit online graduate certificate for individuals who seek to enhance their skills and knowledge in nonprofit management and leadership.

Online Teaching and Learning

Develop or enhance your online teaching skills for this ever-changing world through the new 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning! All courses are taught by experienced faculty, offered online, and scheduled for busy graduate students & working adults.

Organization Coaching

The Graduate Certificate in Organization Coaching is a desirable, complementary credential for students pursuing a graduate degree in adult learning, leadership, and organization development, as well as those in other fields who want to be a certified organization coach.

Qualitative Studies

The graduate certificate in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies at the University of Georgia is among the oldest and most reputable in the world. Students are well-prepared to design and conduct qualitative studies of quality in their chosen field.

STEM Education

Learn how to design and implement learning activities in your classroom that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with this certificate.

Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems certificate expands opportunities for graduate training and faculty to collaborate across campus in research to advance agricultural & environmental sustainability, public health & nutrition, and economic & social well-being.

Transformative Leadership

This certificate was designed for change leaders, practitioners, and adult learners who are responsible for leading change and direction setting organization-wide and or at the individual and group levels of a system.

University Teaching

The Interdisciplinary Certificate in University Teaching helps to prepare graduate students for future positions in higher education with development of their pedagogical knowledge and skills.

Urban and Metropolitan Studies

The department of Geography at UGA is a leading center of scholarship on the physical and social processes that shape our world. We offer certificate programs in Urban & Metropolitan Studies and Geographic Information Science.

Women’s Studies

This certificate offers cutting-edge, interdisciplinary training in theoretical, epistemological, and empirical scholarship on women, gender, and intersections with race, class, sexuality, and nation to non-degree, masters & Ph.D. students.

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