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Educational Administration and Policy (EdS)

The EdS in Educational Administration and Policy leads to Tier II Educational Leadership Certification. Tier II educators are eligible to serve as principals or principal supervisors. Tier I Educational Leadership Certification is a prerequisite.

Educational Psychology (EdS)

The Department of Educational Psychology consists of four areas (Applied Cognition and Development, Gifted and Creative Education, Quantitative Methodology, and School Psychology), which provide depth and flexibility to become an expert in the field.

Educational Psychology (EdS), Online Ed. Specialist Degree

The Department of Educational Psychology Education Specialist degree in Gifted and Creative Education provides depth and flexibility to become an expert in the field.

Learning, Design and Technology (EdS)

Offered almost entirely online, the EdS program helps students learn to use cutting-edge computer and multimedia technology and apply it in K-12 education; analyze learning and performance problems, and design and develop effective instruction.

Mathematics Education (EdS)

This program,designed for current grades 6-12 teachers, includes at least 29 hours of coursework and an applied project. The program is planned as a logically organized whole and individualized for you, reflecting your prior education and experience.

Professional School Counseling (EdS)

One-year program, 36 semester hours, meets the standards of the Professional Standards Commission for the State of Georgia, preparing individuals who seek advanced training as school counselors in public elementary, middle, and secondary schools.

Science Education (EdS)

This program emphasizes curriculum and teaching practices from the most current research. You will complete an original research or evaluation project on a topic of interest to you. This program upgrades your certification from T-5 to T-6 level.

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