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The Graduate School seeks to create a more diverse graduate student body at the University of Georgia (UGA) by promoting opportunities in graduate education to all populations. Since 2008, UGA has fostered partnerships with minority-serving institutions to enhance the recruitment and transition for undergraduate students as they learn about applying to graduate school and enroll as a graduate student.

Prospective UGA graduate students who are transitioning from these partner institutions may be eligible to participate in the Graduate School FUSE Program (Facilitating Underrepresented Student Experiences).

To learn more about the nomination process for this program, please review the How to Apply: FUSE Flier or contact the Office of Recruitment & Diversity Initiatives:

Benefits of FUSE Program participation include an application fee waiver for the University of Georgia Graduate School and consideration for a graduate school assistantship if admitted to the University of Georgia. The assistantship includes reduced tuition (to $25), a monthly stipend, and a strong FUSE cohort support system with other students from Minority-Serving Institutions.

As of fall 2022, UGA has established recruitment partnerships with the following six institutions:


Applicants interested in the FUSE Partnership Program should consult the information below:

Step 1 – Eligibility & Consideration for the FUSE Partnership Program

Students interested in the FUSE Partnership Program must be recommended by the FUSE coordinator at their home institution (see list above). Please contact the FUSE Coordinator to determine any necessary requirements and/or expectations needed to be recommended for an application fee waiver and/or consideration for a FUSE assistantship.

Students who are not admitted to UGA graduate programs, are seeking a professional degree, or are enrolled in part-time graduate programs are not eligible to participate in the FUSE Program.

If the FUSE Coordinator grants the recommendation for an application fee waiver and/or consideration for an assistantship, the FUSE coordinator will provide an application fee waiver letter to the student, which will be used to upload documentation in the UGA Graduate School online application system. The student must submit a completed online application to the Graduate School by January 9 for the upcoming fall. A completed application includes a submitted application, all letters of recommendation received, resume/cv, transcripts, and any other supplemental material, including standardized test scores, that may be required.

Step 2 – Nomination & Selection for the FUSE Partnership Program

By early January, FUSE Coordinators will send selective nomination letters to the Graduate School to recommend which students should be considered for a FUSE assistantship. To be evaluated, FUSE nominees must have a completed online application and a FUSE Coordinator letter of nomination by the deadline.


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