GradFIRST Seminars for Fall 2024

Below is a list of GradFIRST seminars available for incoming graduate students. You can browse the seminars by paging through all listings, or you can select a focused topic area from the drop-down list. More detailed information about each seminar is available by clicking the “hamburger” menu (three lines) next to each listing.

Attention: GradFIRST seminars are only open to graduate students who matriculated in Fall 2022 or after.

The courses listed below are “open sections” only. For department specific sections POD/POM and online/hybrid sections, please email the GradFIRST team at

Courses will continue to be added to this list as information becomes available.

When you have found a seminar that fits your interests and schedule, log into Athena to register for the course.

Fall 2024


Graduate Student FAQs

Who is required to take GradFIRST seminar?

New graduate students matriculating Fall 2022 or later are required to take a GradFIRST seminar, unless they are enrolled in a graduate program that is exempt from this requirement. Your program’s graduate coordinator will notify you if your program is exempt.

Am I required to take GradFIRST seminars in my first year of study?

Yes. Most seminars will be offered in fall semester with a limited number available in spring semester to accommodate students who matriculate in spring or could not enroll in a fall seminar due to scheduling conflicts. No summer seminars will be offered.

How can I choose which GradFIRST seminar to take?

Incoming graduate students will be notified about the GradFIRST seminar requirement at orientation and during advising at the beginning of their first semester. Graduate Coordinators and/or Graduate Coordinator Assistants will have access to information on available seminars in Athena and on the GradFIRST website to guide students to sections that fit their schedules and interests. In some cases, graduate programs may reserve seats in specific sections for members of their incoming cohorts.

How will the Graduate School track completion of GradFIRST seminars?

Students should list the GradFIRST seminar (GRSC 7001) on their program of study unless you are enrolled in a graduate program that is exempt from this requirement. The Graduate School may notify departments/programs when students have not completed this requirement within the first two semesters.

I am a DoubleDawg student, am I required to take a GradFIRST seminar?

Yes, however, not until you formally matriculate into a graduate program for which GradFIRST is required.

Are non-degree seeking students, certificate-only students, or students seeking teacher endorsements required to take a GradFIRST seminar?

No. Only students who are formally admitted to and enrolled in graduate programs are required to complete GRSC 7001.

I transferred from a graduate program at another institution; am I required to take a GradFIRST seminar?

Yes. GradFIRST will prepare students to succeed at UGA.

I’m already required to take a 3-credit Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course as a funding or program requirement. Do I have to take a GradFIRST seminar?

Yes. The GradFIRST seminar covers content in areas beyond research ethics that are critical to promoting graduate student success. Conversely, the GradFIRST seminar does not necessarily cover content in sufficient depth to qualify/replace as a RCR course as required for some graduate funding programs.

Can I be exempt from taking a GradFIRST seminar?

Decisions to exempt students from the GradFIRST requirement are made at the graduate program level, not at the individual student level.

Can I take more than one seminar?

No. The GRSC 7001 course is not repeatable.

I am a student in an online graduate program, how do I take a GradFIRST seminar?

Approved online sections are not visible on Athena to prevent the seats from being enrolled by students who could otherwise take an in-person section. However, we will work directly with online students to advise them on an option that fits their schedule and location. In these cases, please contact for assistance.

I am a student at an extended campus (e.g., Griffin, Tifton, Gwinnett etc.), how do I take a GradFIRST seminar?

We have taken a few approaches to ensuring access to GradFIRST seminars for graduate students at an extended campus including offering in-person sections on extended campuses, approving online sections, and working with instructors to offer hybrid classes. If an in-person session is not available at your location, we will work directly with students at extended campuses to advise them on an option that fits their schedule and location. In these cases, please contact for assistance.

I am returning to UGA to earn a second graduate degree or transitioning to a second graduate degree program. If I already took a GradFIRST seminar, do I need to take one again?

No. If GRSC 7001 is on your transcript from a previous UGA degree, you do not need to take the course again.

I am a dual degree graduate student. Am I required to enroll in a GradFIRST seminar?

If a student is enrolled in two degree programs concurrently, the student is required to take a GradFIRST seminar (GRSC 7001) if it is a requirement of either program.

I am a 2nd year student that started in a graduate program that was exempt from GradFIRST. I've changed my degree objectives and I am now in a program that requires GradFIRST. Am I exempt because of my initial degree?

No, you would not be exempt. You should enroll in a GradFIRST section for the incoming semester as it is part of the requirements of the new major.


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