This page is comprised of resources offered by campus and community partners of the Graduate School for mentorship opportunities in industry and academia.

General Mentoring Resources

Mentorship offers important personal and professional development benefits to graduate students, and graduate students may find themselves at various times serving as both mentors and mentees to others within their network. The Graduate School encourages active involvement in mentoring relationships and suggests the following resources to help students enhance their mentorship skills:

UGA Mentor Program
A comprehensive mentoring program based within the UGA Career Center. Graduate students may register to be paired with alumni mentors, or may sign up to serve as a mentor to younger students.

General Mentorship Resources
Step-by-step discussion guides, conversation starters, developmental outlines, and other resources for mentors and mentees compiled by the UGA Mentor Program.

Great Mentoring in Graduate School: A Quick Start Guide For Protégés
An overview provided by the Council of Graduate Schools to introduce graduate students to key mentoring concepts and strategies.

Graduate Student Mentoring Guide 
Strategies for engaging in mentoring relationships with faculty members as a graduate student, provided by the University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School.

5-Minute Mentor


Mentor-Mentee Contracts for Academia

In some instances, graduate students and faculty members may find it beneficial to engage in more formal mentorship compacts for the development of academia mentorship. The following resources may be used to structure these arrangements. For further information, or to request training on the use of these materials, please contact Assistant Dean Judy Milton in the Graduate School.

Mentor-Mentee Compact

Mentorship Agreement Template

Mentor-Mentee Compact

Mentoring Partnership Agreement

Undergraduate Mentor-Mentee Contract

Students and faculty interested in structured mentoring conversations may also consider using Individual Development Plans (IDPs) as a way of guiding interactions with their mentor/mentee


Additional Articles/Resources:

Graduate Students Should Seek Multiple Mentors” – Tithi Basu Mallik, InsideHigherEd

The Right Mentor Can Change Your Career. Here’s How to Find One.” – Anjuli Sastry Krbechek & Andee Tagle, NPR Life Kit

The Science of Mentoring podcast, produced by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Culturally Aware Mentorship with Drs. Sherilynn Black and Angela Byars-Winston, produced by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Mentor and Mentee Resources, compiled by the Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER)

The National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN), an organization aimed at implementing and disseminating innovative and evidence-based mentoring practices in research settings

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