Choosing a software package

You can use any word processor, text-editor, or typesetting package you want to write your document. As long as you can set page numbers, set margins, and print from it, you can generate an appropriately-formatted PDF from it. However, please be aware that there are serious problems with WordPerfect’s ability to convert accurately into a PDF file. We are not partisans of any specific word processing program. We share our experience with you in order to make the preparation and submission of your thesis / dissertation as easy as possible.

Software & Details

Microsoft Word
  • Pro: Consistent formatting when switching between different printers
  • Con: Complicated margin setting and page numbering
  • Pro: Easy page numbering and margin setting
  • Con: Problems with reformatting for each different printer. Problems with proprietary fonts that don’t survive the conversion to PDF.
LaTeX, TeX, etc.

If you are using complex mathematical equations and/or special symbols, you should use this software.

  • Pro: Free and powerful non-GUI alternative to MSWord and WordPerfect, etc. Beautiful-looking documents, high level of control and consistency. Automatically generates your table of contents, formats front matter, and no need to edit page numbers or margins. Simply select 12 point type and 1 1/2 or 2-line spacing and precede your thesis with a properly formatted set of UGA-standard abstract, title, copyright, and approval pages. Not necessary to:
    • Use a special UGA style sheet if you are using LaTeX, AMS-TeX, or similar mathematical text formatters.
    • Comply with all format guidelines that apply to conventional word processors.
  • Con: Non-graphical interface, pretty steep learning curve

It is understood that you do not control the format of the table of contents, chapter headings, and the like. Take care to follow all of the format specifications of your academic discipline, and to use LaTeX correctly, not running material out into the margins, nor mistyping opening and closing quotation marks, nor mixing up mathematical and textual italics.


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