The following terminology is used in this section and holds the meaning described below:

Academic Transcript: Official records of courses, credit, and grades earned while studying at the college, university or educational institution. The academic transcript or record is issued by the institution. Some academic transcripts also indicate clearly the academic degree earned and date that the degree was awarded. If they do not have official information about the academic degree that has been conferred, a separate proof of degree is required. (see Tips)

Proof of Degree: The official academic record of the institution that clearly indicates the academic degree that has been earned along with date conferred. This document displays the student’s name, as well. (see Tips)

Recognized Institution: Higher-level educational institution that is recognized in the country by the appropriate government agency or accrediting agency as is approved to award degrees.

Issuing Institution: This terminology means that the records must show that they were prepared by the educational institution where the degree and coursework were earned.

Certification versus Notarization: Certification means that a representative of the educational institution is authorized by the institution to certify/approve copies of academic records as being official and true. Notarization is not adequate for admission purposes because the individual notary is usually a private entity, not an official representative of the institution. Note: Notarized copies are not considered official academic records. Please do not submit your original proof of degree, as we cannot return it to you.

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