Spring Semester COVID-19 Testing

From January 4 – January 22 (a period of three weeks), capacity at our surveillance testing site at Legion Field and pop-up locations across campus will be expanded to accommodate up to 1,500 tests per day (1,000 per day at Legion Field and 500 via pop-up locations). These tests are free for individuals with no symptoms and can be scheduled through this website. Walk-up appointments can usually be accommodated at Legion Field, and pop-up saliva testing does not require pre-registration. Pop-up saliva testing requires a 30-minute fast, and you need to be well hydrated. For planning purposes, precise sites and schedules are published on the UHC’s website and its social media as they are secured.

A plan to once again offer privately-funded incentives for testing—e.g., T-shirts, food coupons, discounts, etc.—is being developed and will be announced when we return from the break. Students who are experiencing symptoms will continue to be tested at the University Health Center.

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