Summer 2023 Graduate School Grants Awarded

Brooks Hall

Communication of Research and Scholarship Grant

This grant supports graduate students who wish to communicate the results of their scholarship to non-academic audiences. The outreach and communication activities supported by this grant engages new populations with the research and scholarship executed by UGA graduate students and provides opportunities for students to develop and practice skills that will serve them in a range of careers.

2023 Awardees

Kanupriya Daga
School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering
College of Engineering

Laura Foster
Integrative Conservation and Anthropology
Center for Integrative Conservation Research

Mallika Mahida
Department of Nutritional Sciences
College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Emily Shelby
Department of Entomology
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Cydney Seigerman
Department of Anthropology
Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Summer Research Grants for Doctoral Students

The Graduate School offers this competitive grant for doctoral students from any discipline to conduct research related to their dissertations.

2023 Awardees

Agricultural and Applied Economics
Haewon Oh

Animal and Dairy Science
Jinghui Gao
Yaochao Zheng

Justice Britton
Evan Crispell
Gabrielle Langhorn
Nicole Rowley
Bruno Guimaraes Ubiali

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Yujie Chen
Hongqi Gao
Pradeepa Jayawardhane
Jiawen Tian

Institute of Bioinformatics
Ehsan Suez
Isaac Torres

Yahya Absalan
Nicholas Dewey
Nicholas Sesing
Phuong Tran

College of Engineering
Kanupriya Daga
Lauren Griffin
Kyndra Higgins
Andrew Larey
Shaoheng Li
Patrick Maffe
Sierra Milligan
Grace Nguyen
Rashmi Pandey
Hemshikha Rajpurohit
Tia Shorter
Thomas Spoerer
Sarah Wilson
Yi Wu
Yanjun Yang

College of Environment and Design
Jingxian Li
Shweta Vardia

Communication Science and Special Education
Heidi Stoudt

Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Emily Cason
Kayla Garrett
Alaa Bani Salman

Crop and Soil Sciences
Ved Parkash
Anish Subedi

School of Ecology
Erik Jones

Saurabh Anand

Sabrina Barbosa
Subin Neupane

Anthony Waikel

Foods and Nutrition
Mary Prater

School of Forestry and Natural Resources
Michael Baker
Shinyeong Park
Jessica Patterson

Mohammad Jameel
Dionne Martin

Meghna Ray

Infectious Diseases
Denise Fahey
Sarah Hosking
Colleen Sedney

Integrative Conservation
Rachel Arney
Alexandra Hofner
Suneel Kumar
Alyssa Quan
Asif Sandeelo

College of Journalism and Mass Communication
Ja Kyung Seo

Jiyue Zhao

Nicole Davis

Mathematics, Science & Social Studies Education
Hong Tran

Lindsey Berardi
Christopher Noble-Molnar
Amy Siceloff
Jared Smith
Rochelle Yap

Elijah Sterling

Physics and Astronomy
Amit Kumar
Thilanka Bhasura Vijayaweera Liyanage
Tu Anh Ngo

Plant Biology
Kayla Bonilla
Mia Rochford

Institute of Plant Breeding
Qian Feng
Harshita Saxena

Plant Pathology
Hsiao-Chun Chen
Xiomy Pinchi Davila

Political Science
Elise Blasingame

Population Health
Roel Becerra
Julia Ienes Lima
Aidan O’Reilly

Poultry Science
Micaela Sinclair-Black
Walid Al Hakeem
Taylor Miller
Asghar Sedaghat
Sasikala Vaddu
Xiao Yang

Public Administration and Policy
Miguel Antonio Estrada

Tenshi Kawashima

Yongkai Chen

Textiles, Merchandising, and Interiors
Jeongah Shin

Veterinary Pathology
Weerapong Laovechprasit


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