Frequently asked questions for students regarding registration and academic policies

Frequently asked questions for currently enrolled students regarding registration and academic policies have been organized into the subtopics below.

Questions about probation & dismissal

What happens if my graduate GPA (course average) drops below 3.0?

You will be placed on “warning” status for the first semester after your GPA drops below 3.0. This is a warning that you will be placed on probation if your GPA is still below 3.0 at the end of the warning semester. If you are placed on probation, you must maintain a semester GPA of 3.0 for each semester until your overall graduate course average is at least 3.0. If your semester GPA drops below 3.0 for any semester during probation status, you will be dismissed from the Graduate School.

Can I pre-register while on warning or probation?

Students that have received a warning letter can pre-register after they turn in their Graduate School Advisement form. This must be signed by your major professor and graduate coordinator. You cannot pre-register if you are on probation. Students on probation, also have to submit the Graduate School Advisement form prior to registering for the next semester, but these students cannot register until the grades for the current semester have been received.

Questions about student records

How can I get an official copy of my UGA transcript?

Official transcripts are issued only by the Registrar’s Office.

When can I expect my diploma?

The Registrar prints and mails diplomas. The normal time frame is 6 to 8 weeks after graduation.

How do I change my address, name or ID number?

You may contact the Registrar’s office to request a change in your address or you can make this change through ATHENA. For a change in name or ID number contact the Registrar.

Questions about theses & dissertations

Is a format check required for my thesis or dissertation?

Yes, you must submit your document electronically to the Graduate School by the deadline for a format check in your graduation semester. If you do not submit by the deadline, your graduation date will be changed to the next semester.

How do I submit my thesis or dissertation for a format check?

Check Thesis & Dissertation Guidelines in the Graduate Bulletin for instructions, templates, and the link to submit. You will receive a confirmation page when it is submitted correctly. Print this page for your records.

Will I know if my format is approved?

Yes, you will receive an email from the Graduate School stating whether you need to make corrections to your document or not. If you submit it on or near the deadline, it can take up to two weeks for us to check it and send you a response. If you have not heard from us after two weeks, you should contact to make sure your submission went through.

I submitted a format check during last semester. Do I need to submit another format check this semester?

If you have already submitted a format check, you do not have to submit it for a format check again. Once you have passed your final defense and have made all of the corrections suggested by the Graduate School as well as your committee members, you then would submit as a final submission. You will receive an e-mail from the Graduate School once your thesis or dissertation has been accepted as the official UGA copy

Questions about graduation

How does the Graduate School know that I am ready to graduate?

All graduate students pursuing a degree must apply for graduation in Athena the semester in which the student plans to graduate. The student must submit the application for graduation by the posted deadline on the Graduate School’s website.

I submitted my paperwork last semester but didn’t graduate. Do I need to submit all of the paperwork again?

If we already have an approved advisory committee form (required only for doctoral and thesis-writing master’s degrees) and a program of study form (required for all degrees) on file, it is not necessary to submit these forms again. If revisions are to be made to these forms, you would submit a recommended change in program of study form and another advisory committee form with “revised” checked at the top of the form. If no changes are needed, do not submit these forms again.

Have I submitted all necessary paperwork to graduate this semester?

It is recommended that students keep copies of all forms submitted and note the date of submission to the Graduate School. All documents must be submitted by the deadline for the semester that graduation is anticipated. If you are not sure you or your department has submitted a required form, email with your full name and 81X number.

How do I change my graduation date?

You must email to request deletion of your graduation date in Athena. Once your graduation date has been removed, you will be sent instructions on reapplying for graduation in Athena.

When and where will the commencement ceremony take place?

Formal Graduate School commencement ceremonies are held in May and December. For ceremony details, please visit You may order your graduation gown, hood, cap and tassel by visiting the UGA bookstore.


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