The dean of the Graduate School confirms the departmental graduate coordinator upon recommendation and approval by the department head and the academic dean of that unit. The graduate coordinator is an appointed member of the Graduate Program Faculty and serves as the liaison between the department and the Graduate School with delegated authority of the department head. It is the responsibility of the graduate coordinator to implement all policies and procedures of the Graduate Council pertaining to graduate education at The University of Georgia. Furthermore, the graduate coordinator works in conjunction with the graduate program faculty of the department to ensure that policies and procedures unique to the department are followed.

The Graduate Coordinator’s Handbook is provided as a supplement to the Graduate School Bulletin and is to be used in the interpretation of the procedures and policies approved and established by the Graduate Council. It should be emphasized that this handbook is not intended to duplicate material provided in other published documents. Graduate coordinators should continue to refer to Graduate School Policies for all policy and procedural matters.


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