Recruitment efforts at the graduate-level are decentralized and spearheaded by departments and graduate programs. The Graduate School provides general information on graduate education at UGA to prospective and admitted applicants. Additionally, the Graduate School can assist you in your recruitment efforts in the ways listed below.

The Office of Student Success & Well-Being also hosts a suite of recruitment programming to assist you in your work with underrepresented/underserved populations, including first-generation and rural college students. For more information, please see here.


GradSlate CRM

The GradSlate CRM is a centralized system that enables graduate programs to store information on prospective applicants and track prospective applicants as they move through the recruitment funnel. To learn more, please visit the GradSlate webpage.


Enrollment Grants

The Graduate School offers financial assistance to departments in the form of Enrollment Grants that provide funds directly to support increasing graduate enrollment. This is a proposal-driven process in which departments individually develop, implement, and assess strategic enrollment plans.

Recruitment Enhancement Grants
  • Recruitment Enhancement Grants (RFP) (pdf)
  • Examples of Initiatives and Ideas:
    • Individual Campus Visits including lodging and transportation
    • Hosting open houses and/or visitation days for prospective/admitted students, often in conjunction with a current graduate student research showcase. Agendas may include:
      • Individual or group meetings with current students and faculty
      • Touring lab space, the department, and the College/School
      • Travel to other UGA campuses, for those with facilities beyond Athens
      • Attending a class
    • Registration and/or travel to a recruitment fair, typically as part of a professional conference, association meeting, or university grad fair
    • Marketing Materials including:
      • Recruitment brochures, promotional fliers and videos, and website updates
      • Promotional items such as banners, folders, padfolios, pens, tablecloths, and tote bags
      • Advertising in professional journals and on social media outlets
      • Translation of marketing materials into Spanish or other languages
Graduate Retention and Inclusion Grants


National Lists of Underrepresented Prospective Applicants

The Graduate School participates in the Council of Graduate School’s National Name Exchange and receives the annual McNair Scholars Directory. For access to the lists, please email Lisa Sperling, Office of Student Success and Well-being, at


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