Graduate Tuition Return Incentive Program (GTRIP) Procedures

NOTE: This process is followed for a single graduate assistant each term that their tuition is paid from a sponsored project award. If their tuition payment comes from more than one account, each account requires a separate Charge to Account Request form (step 4).

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Tuition Waiver Request and Tuition Payment

1. Department is notified at time of award: When a sponsored project award is made for a project that has budgeted graduate assistant tuition, an email is sent to the department contact for that award. That email contains identifying information for the award.

2. Department submits form G104 in GradStatus: The hiring of a graduate assistant paid from that award triggers the start of the GTRIP process workflow. This form will require:

  • Student Name (Last, First Middle)
  • Student UGAID (81x)
  • Student Residency
  • Term (of tuition payment)
  • Department
  • Tuition Waiver Attribute
  • Chartstring (account to pay department subsidy of Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan)
  • Project ID (this is the Project ID of the award that is paying the graduate assistant)

3. Workflow routes automatically: Submission of the G104 automatically routes workflow to various offices to streamline the process. This workflow triggers email notifications at each step.

4. Department submits Charge to Account Request: Once the Graduate School and Registrar verify account information and record attribute and exemption in Banner, the workflow will notify the department to submit a Charge to Account Request form to Student Accounts. This form has its own instructions. It will require:

  • Contact (Name, Email, Phone, Department)
  • Student Name (Last, First Middle)
  • Student UGAID (81x)
  • Attribute
  • Term (of tuition payment)
  • Chartstring (account to pay tuition)

5. Tuition is charged: Student Account Services will then charge the tuition to the requested account.

Tuition Return Funding

6. Department is prompted to provide the information needed for tuition return: GTRIP tuition return funds can be requested in the same fiscal year as tuition payment or at the beginning of the next fiscal year. Departments will receive an email from the GTRIP Smartsheet workflow notifying them when tuition return can be requested. They will need to specify the fiscal year when they would like the tuition return and the desired chartstring on which to receive these funds.

7. Budget Office, Graduate School, and Student Accounts process the request: Each of these offices has steps in the process, which also route automatically through workflow.

8. Department receives tuition return funds: The department will be notified that the funds are available, including the chartstring on which the funds have been budgeted. Departments should verify that the GTRIP Return funds have been received. Remember that GTRIP Return funds must be spent in the fiscal year they are received.


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