Graduate Student Financial Education Program

Research suggests a correlation between financial stress and academic success1. The Graduate School educates and supports our students to ensure they can manage debt, consider the role of both loans and savings, and develop sound financial management practices while in graduate school. In collaboration with the Department of Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics and the ASPIRE Clinic, we provide financial education resources and seminars to graduate students that:

  • Promote informed financial decision-making
  • Reduce financial stress
  • Support overall wellbeing

Financial education programming for graduate students is offered in a variety of learning formats, including (1) educational seminars for graduate student groups, (2) one-on-one financial consulting, and (3) internet training modules [coming soon]. Any graduate student organization or group can request seminars from these available topics:

  • Student Loan Management
    • Student Repayment Planning (i.e., income-driven repayment plans)
    • Private and Federal Loans
  • Credit
    • Understanding Credit and Credit Reports
    • Credit Score Development
  • Developing Spending Plans and Budgeting
  • Evaluating Employee Benefits in Your Job Offer
  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • Understanding Your Taxes
  • Health and Life Insurance


To learn more or to request a workshop, please contact


  1. Denecke, D., Feaster, K., Okahana, H., Allum, J., & Stone, K. (2016). Financial education: Developing high impact programs for graduate and undergraduate students. Washington, DC: Council of Graduate Schools.