What is the deadline for nominations to the Gateway to Graduate School summer program? 

  • The nomination deadline has been extended to Friday, April 10, 2020. 

Will there be an Accepted Students Day on March 30? 

  • The in-person Accepted Students Day scheduled for Monday, March 30 has been cancelled.  A pre-recorded video of the “Overview and To-Do List” presentation is scheduled to be uploaded to the website on this day. 

Will there be !DALEPa’lanteEvent on Monday, April 6? 

  • The in-person !DALEPa’lante! scheduled for Monday, March 30 has been cancelled. RDI is expecting to launch URM-related resources on this day. 

How can the Office of Recruitment and Diversity (RDI) assist you during this time? 

  • The Office of Recruitment and Diversity is working diligently with speakers and campus partners who were scheduled to attend the above two events to provide the other elements of this event virtually.  As these are created and posted to the website, we will let you know so you can direct your students there. 

Can our graduate program continue our recruitment efforts? 

  • Yes.  Be mindful that accepted students may not all have the same access to bandwidth.  Consider posting fliers with important and useful information to your website for those with lower bandwidth.   

 What can graduate programs do with remaining Recruitment Enhancement Grant funds that cannot be used as originally planned? 

  •  Best practices for online recruitment include: 
    • Host, either synchronously or asynchronously and either individually or as a group, webinars and chats with Graduate Coordinators, Graduate Coordinator Assistants, and current graduate students. (Please let RDI know if you are holding any webinars so we can advertise these on the Graduate School website as well.) 
    • Boost your social media presence whether through a live event, a discussion board, or maybe a blog 
  •  Best practices for low-bandwidth online recruitment: 
    • Create an FAQ pdf:  There are typically several core questions that are asked every year by incoming students. Create an FAQ with these questions that can be downloaded by prospective students.  
    • Perhaps, if you have a graduate student association, invite them to send/answer emails from students or have them host a message board. 
  • Best practices for off-line recruitment: 
    • Have faculty, staff, current students, and alumni reach out by phone call (e.g., reach out to those you are recruiting for an assistantship to fully explain the opportunity to come to UGA)
  • This may be a time for you to pilot some new ways to approach your recruitment efforts or to strengthen your current strategies.
    • Build up your recruitment marketing materials including brochures and fliers.  Consider if there is a special population (such as Under Represented Minority or First Generation – aka URM/FG) for whom you wish to create specific marketing materials. 
    • Update and purchase your fall 2020 recruitment materials and “swag” early. 
    • Advertise your graduate program in professional journals and similar media. 
    • Create an online View Book showcasing your current students’ products. 

 Can the Recruitment Enhancement Grand funding roll over into the next fiscal year? 

  • No, this funding must be spent by the end of the fiscal year. 

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