Seven Step Process

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Training Grants Coordinator: Karen Young (

  1. MAKE THE REQUEST: The Request for Assistance Form must be completed and submitted to the Training Grants Coordinator (TGC) at least eight weeks prior to the deadline date to submit the grant.*


  1. SCHEDULE A MEETING: The TGC will contact the PI to schedule a meeting to discuss the grant opportunity, determine what data will be needed for the application, and identify the portions of the grant application that the GC and the PI will complete. NOTE: Do not follow the process outlined on the flowchart if the request is to schedule a meeting to discuss grant opportunities but not to apply for a grant.


  1. PROVIDE REQUIRED INFORMATION: The PI provides the TGC with any follow-up information or documents discussed in the meeting, if applicable (i.e., names of faculty involved in grant, budget information, etc.). **


  1. REVIEW INFORMATION: The TGC will submit the information to the PI to review.**


  1. INCORPORATE DATA/INFORMATION: The data from the TGC and the PI is incorporated into the grant application forms or into the grant portal.


  1. SUBMIT TO SPA FOR REVIEW: The grant application is submitted to Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) a week prior to the grant application’s deadline date.


  1. APPLICATION SUBMISSION: The SPA will review and submit the completed grant application to the appropriate funding agency.



*Requests received later than eight weeks prior to the deadline date will be considered.

**The TGC and the PI will create a timeline for exchanging information based on the amount of information needed and the amount of time needed to secure and prepare the information prior to the grant application’s deadline date.

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