Decision Flow

Decision Code = Admit (and Admit/Matric, Admit/Decline)

Most common is to assign and release Decisions in batch on some regular basis. A GS Counselor or Admissions Director can open the Admit Bin in the Reader and click the Build Query button in the top margin. This pre-built Query finds all Applications in the Bin (Filters can be used if necessary).

Click Run Query and select Decision (under Batch Management) from the Output dropdown and click Export.

This takes you to the Decision Management page, where you should pick Code = Admit, choose the Letter to assign, and check Status Confirm decisions immediately upon updating. Then, select all the Applications to Admit and click the button Update Selected. (If you make a mistake, you can still undo this confirmation as long as you do not navigate away from this page.)

Records are now moved to Release Decision Dashboard (select Release Decisions from Decision section of Database).

This dashboard is organized into sequential statuses:

  • Awaiting Confirmation. Applications that have been assigned the Admit Decision Code, but it has not been Confirmed
  • Awaiting Assignment. Applications with Confirmed Decisions waiting for a letter to be Assigned
  • Awaiting Release. Confirmed Applications with letter Assigned, but not scheduled for Release
  • Queued for Release. Applications that have been scheduled for Release at some future time
  • Recently Released. Applications that have been “recently” released

Within each status, Slate will build Decision Groups by Round, Decision Code, Decision Reason, Assigned Letter, etc. You can select Decision Groups and handle the next step in Decision Flow from each status area. If you have not assigned a letter, that can be chosen from the dropdown on the Awaiting Assignment page.

On the Awaiting Release page, you can schedule Decisions for Release. Choose the Decision Groups to work on, then click Display. Select the Applicants for Decision Release and set the Release day/time. You may want to schedule these 15-30 min in the future to give Rules a chance to run.

Once Decision is Released, it takes 15 min for communication rule to deliver messaging. This provides a last-minute chance to revoke if you have made a mistake.

The Release of a Decision triggers an email to the applicant telling them that they have an update to their Application status and they should login to their Status Page and click the link to the new Letter. Once they open the letter, then the Reply Form link appears on their Status Page so they can respond to the offer.

The Reply Form has a field named admit_offer_accept, with prompt values = I ACCEPT my offer of admission OR = I DECLINE my offer of admission. A Rule uses this prompt value to change the Decision Code to Admit/Matric (ACCEPT) or Admit/Decline (DECLINE). The Banner Decision Code = 35 (ACCEPT) or 04 (DECLINE) must be set manually, appropriately checking and or setting the Enrollment Priority Level for 35 (Applicant Accepted Offer). This is described in Post-Decision Workflows using the Banner Enrollment Priority Adjustment workflow.

Decision Code = Deny

Denials can be assigned to Applications in the Deny Bin in a manner similar to that described above for Admit. Differences are that Decision Code = Deny, a Decision Reason should be set (individually to either GS Denial or Program Denial), a different Letter will be assigned, no Reply Form will be added to the Status Page, and the Banner Decision Code = 02 (GS Denial) or 12 (Program Denial) should be set in Banner manually.

Decision Codes of Defer and Withdraw are discussed in their own sections of these instructions. Withdrawals are initiated by the applicant filling out and submitting the Withdrawal Form on their Status page. Submission of this form triggers a set of Rules that moves the Application to the Withdrawn Bin and sets the Decision Code to Withdraw. The Banner Decision Code should be set to 08 (Cancel Before Decision), and the Person flag Opt Out should be selected.

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