Managing Program Attributes

GradSlate manages a number of different Program-specific characteristics, which can make it easier for Programs to review and track their Applications. Program Coordinators have access to request forms and templates to submit details about these characteristics.

Users and Roles

Program Coordinators can assign other Roles (Program Reviewer, Program Reader) to UGA faculty/staff. To be able to make those assignments, the faculty/staff first need to have a User account in GradSlate. There is a form available to request new User accounts. Use the link in the Users/Roles section of the Programs tab on the GradSlate homepage called Request to Add New User. Once they are GradSlate Users, then you can submit their assignments as a specific Role in a specific Population.

If you need to review which Users already have Roles in your Populations, use the Query Users by Role in Populations to get a list.

You can learn more detail about these tools in the FAQ on Request Access.

Terms in which Your Programs are Offered

GradSlate applicants choose their Intended Program and an Intended Term on the Application. Programs can choose to accept applications for admission only in selected Terms. GradSlate is customizable to restrict which Terms can be chosen for any given Program. If your Program has multiple Areas of Emphasis (concentrations, subplans), these restrictions can be customized at the Program/Area of Emphasis level.

To provide the Graduate School information about how your Program is offered, fill out the Select Terms Offered form; it will take some time to incorporate your selections.

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