TO: Graduate Coordinators

Business Officers

FROM: Graduate School Business Office

DATE: April 7, 2020


Effective Summer 2020, departments must first complete a Summer Commitment Form (G160) for all students requiring a summer waiver code. In addition, for all new students, departments must enter a waiver code using the (G104) Waiver Request Form.

All Summer Commitment Forms can be entered electronically in GradStatus using (G160) form.


· Please go to the GradStatus website;

· Sign into GradStatus and select Summer Graduate Assistantship Commitment Form (G160)

· Click on the drop down and choose which term the student will be working and complete the required information. The definition for the terms are below.

· FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY: Once the (G160) form has been completed, you will then need to enter a summer waiver code using form (G104).

Students will be eligible for the reduced matriculation fee of $25.00 during summer semester by complying with one of the below conditions.

1. PRECEDING YEAR: Students who have held an assistantship of at least 13 working hours during Fall 2019 semester and Spring 2020 semester of the current fiscal year. The student must have also been enrolled for at least 12 graduate credit hours.

2. UPCOMING YEAR: Students presenting acceptable evidence of employment of working at least 13 hours as a graduate assistant and enrolled for 12 graduate credit hours for upcoming Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

3. SPLIT YEAR: Students holding an assistantship, working at least 13 hours during the current Spring 2020 semester and who present acceptable evidence of employment of working at least 13 hours as a graduate assistant during the upcoming Fall 2020 semester. The student must also enroll for 12 graduate credit hours for both semesters.

If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate School Business Office at

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